This is the second run, and the one that will stay, of Milaheim Online, with much improvement and new additions. :)

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Table of Contents

*Backstory and Introduction
*Character Generation
*Crafting & Related
*Skills and Spellbooks
*Item Related
*Monsters and Bosses
*Damage and Defense

footnote: Sorry if everything seems mixed up; one of the admins will clean this thread when time permits.

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Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! 0hhvYow
Welcome to Milaheim Online!

In 2017, programmers and technicians alike joined forces and created a thing called Nerve Helmet, allowing world's major game companies to create virtual reality RPG games. This is Milaheim Online, a virtual reality player driven MMORPG set in medieval times but with a futuristic twist. Meaning that guns are allowed, but no cars, phones whatsoever. You will find more information as you read further through the post.

This roleplay is based like an MMORPG, so expect most MMORPG elements found here. This world is zone based. Every zone has it's level range, areas, a main town in the entrance of the zone, and a boss to fight at the end of the zone so you could advance to the next zone. Please keep in mind that bosses MUST be fought in groups, and the only people allowed to advance are the ones that kill the boss. Let's move to the more important stuff, shall we?

When you start, you are level one, with the race and title you choose. As you fight monsters and do quests, you gain experience and level up, unlocking skills and useful perks. Starting characters can have one active and one passive skill of their class (Be creative) and a starter weapon. Also, when you start, you get five points to spend on your stats. Do not godmode when fighting monsters, lose from time to time, sacrifice something, be a good roleplayer. Do not fight the boss without reaching the required level, otherwise you WILL lose.

When you kill a normal monster, you get the experience from a range provided in each zone to help you level up. The amount of experience is chosen by the player in the given range. The amount of experience is decided by the difficulity of the battle. When you kill a zone boss you are automatically moved to the next zone, and get the rewards set for that boss. When fighting the boss, you will be in control of the boss's actions. Every zone has a level range that it is possible to level up. For example: Zone one would be levels 1-5, and when you reach five, you must defeat the boss and advance to the next zone, otherwise you will not get any more experience in that zone. Of course you can go to town before going to fight the boss to advance, but experience is no longer given to you by monster fights. (See the ranges below.)

The town will have a wide range of NPC's in need for help and if you help them they will give you rewards. The rewards will be set to the NPC's but you will be able to roleplay them give you the rewards yourself so you do not need to wait for a GM's reply. Every fifth level you are allowed to learn either one active or one passive skill of your creativity, but do not get anything overpowered, and the learning process must be roleplayed. If you are learning a skill that another person already has (the exact same), then the person has to teach you in character.

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You start at level one, and are given five points to spend on stats you want (See application for the list) and are allowed to start with one passive and one active skill (more here) and a starting weapon.
At start you spawn at the Milaheim Palace Town, and are level one. Every zone has hunting areas, a town, and a zone boss. It's placed adjacent to one another, meaning that the further you go out, the stronger the mobs are in each area. If you are level four, and fight a level two monster, expect to get less experience.
Every level you get two points to spend on your character's stats and you must update your app.
Every five levels you are allowed to learn one passive or one active skill of your imagination.
The world is a virtual reality, so you can basically do everything you could do in real world.

About races...
Races are just a type of vanity in the Roleplay. They do not give you any stat boosts, they are just there to vary the roleplay. It can have an impact on a character's personality, but not stats. When thinking of a Race to play as, be as creative as you can, make it unique, but don't cry if other people choose to pick the same race. Encourage them.
Examples of races: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Goblin, Ancient. It actually depends on your imagination. But keep in mind that if you want a race that transforms, the transformation requires an active skill.

Applying for the roleplay

In order to start playing with us, you first have to input an application into the application forum for us to review it.
The application form can be found here. Only after being accepted will you be able to post on our forums anywhere else besides that forum.

Now let's get on with stats:

At the beginning you spawn with these stats:

Strength A1
Speed A1
Cunning A1
Agility A1
Accuracy A1
Intelligence A1
Wisdom A1
Defense A1
Speech A5

And gain 5 points to allocate to wherever you wish.

Explanation of stats:

Strength (Increases melee damage and is required for wearing plate armors)
Speed (Increases movement speed)
Cunning (Increases chance of disarming traps and critical strike damage)
Agility (Increases dodge rate of enemy attacks and attack speed)
Accuracy (Increases critical strike chance and ranged damage)
Intelligence (Increases magical damage and casting speed)
Wisdom (Increases duration of cast buffs and healing power)
Defense (Decreases damage taken from hits and increases health)
Speech (This stat decreases the price of items in store by 2 gold for every point spent)

Example of stats
(NUMBER) - Base stat points for your class,
[NUMBER] - Level points.
<NUMBER> Gear points,
{NUMBER} - Points from abilities. Example shown below:

LEVEL 5 - 5 starting points + 2x4 = 13 points.

Here's an example of how it put together would look:

A5 Strength A1 (-4)
A1 Speed A1
A3 Agility A1 (-2)
A2 Accuracy A1 (-1)
E4 Intelligence A1 (+2) [+10] <+5>
C1 Wisdom A1 (+2) [+3] <+5>
A4 Defense A1 (-3)
A5 Speech A5

The values work here from A to Z, with A being the lowest and Z being the highest, however, they all have five points. When five points are spent on a certain stat, the letter changes. For example:
If you have an A3 stat, and receive 3 stat points, your stat becomes B5 and with each point the number falls until it reaches zero and then immediatelly becomes five of the next letter. (A5 + 5 = A0 = B5)

Now, an example for titles and what they mean.

A Title resembles your character's battle style.
Here are examples of titles:
Warrior - Uses a double handed sword and plate armor (Focuses on defense and strength)
Guardian - Uses sword and a shield, and plate armor. (Focuses on defense)
Archer - Uses bow and arrow and leather armors (Focuses on agility and accuracy)
Gunslinger - Uses guns and leather armors (Focuses on Agility, speed and accuracy)
Wizard - Uses staves and cloth armors (Focuses on Intelligence)
Healer - Uses staves and cloth armors (Focuses on Wisdom)
These are just examples and are NOT REQUIRED TO PICK FROM. They are your own free will. You can be a thief, an explorer, anything you imagine!
to top


Upon death, 3 points from every stat are deducted.

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Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! LwZAwht

(came here from Character Generation? Click here to return!)
First of all, there are currently seven professions to choose from.
Each of them is listed below with an explanation.

Let's talk about Blacksmith first.

Blacksmith is a profession that focuses on making Plate armors, as well as blade weapons and anything that can be considered made out of metal. Meaning Swords, Daggers, Scythes, Shields, Axes, and all those things.

Now, how does it work? Let's say you are on zone three, and are level ten. These are the two numbers you need to pay attention to when crafting. To decide what stats your item, let's say a sword will get, you have to add your level to your zone numbers, and divide the result by two, and then round them up to the higher number. Meaning that 10+3 = 13 ; 13/2 = 6.5 = 7. This is the amount of stat points you will be able to give your weapon. For example, if you were to make an Iron Sword, you could make it's stats split into speed and strength, but then that number would have to be split also, meaning that you can get an Iron Sword (+7 Strength) or Iron Sword (+5 Strength; +2 Speed) or whatever you wish, but the number of stat points CANNOT exceed the number Z with this equasion (X+Y)/2= Z, X being your Level and Y being the zone number (Also explained above).

Now what do you need to craft these?
Well, first of all, we need to talk about rarities.
Your weapon will also get a rarity bonus! The higher rarity it gets, the more stat bonuses you will get. Here's how rarities go:
Normal - No Bonus.
Green - +1 point. (+0 Gem socket)
Blue - +3 points (+1 Gem socket)
Purple - +5 points (+2 Gem socket)
and Red - +10 points (+3 Gem socket)

Now, since we got that clear, let's move on to crafting the item.
First of all, for the Iron Sword to be normal without any rarity bonus, it needs 3 of every quest item on that zone dropped by monsters. Meaning if you were to craft an item at zone one (which is not available, and is just an example), you would need x3 Synthetic Fur, x3 Fish bone, x3 Fox Fang and x3 Wolf Pelt. When you have all the items you need, you open the "Crafting Panel" in your menu, and use up those items to craft the item you wanted, with the stat points. But this feature is not available out of town, meaning you cannot craft while being in plains or anywhere else than the main town of the zone.
Now, how to get different rarities? Well, simple, You take the amount of stats the rarity adds, for example +3 for blue, and that is the amount of extra quest items of each kind you need. Meaning if you were to make a Blue Rarity Iron Sword, you would need not 3 but 6 items of each kind, and if you were to make a red one, you would need 13. When crafted an item with a rarity, those points are added as extra to the ones you can allocate to stats.

Now, when a blacksmith crafts armor, the ONLY stats he can allocate points to are Strength and Defense, and when making Weapons, he can only focus on Strength, and Agility.

Now let's talk about Tailor.

I'm not gonna go in depth again with crafting materials, points, and rarities, but talk about what they craft and stuff.

First of all: Items they can make. A tailor is basically a person that makes Cloth Armors for magic users.
Now, when making Cloth armor, Rarity bonuses also apply when crafted in a respectful way. And the only stat points Cloth Armor can have are Intelligence, Wisdom and Defense.

Now: Leatherworker.

Leatherworkers make Leather type armor for quick and agile players (Or not? Basically for leather users). When crafting Leather armor, rarity bonuses apply when crafted in a respectful way. And the only stat points Leather armor can have are Agility, Accuracy and Defense.

Now - Woodworker.

Woodworkers make wood type weapons for magicians and ranged players, for example Bows, Staves, Wands, Crossbows, Boomerangs and so on.. When crafting Wood weapons, rarity bonuses apply when crafted in a respectful way. And the only stat points wood weapons can have are Accuracy, Agility, Intelligence and Wisdom.

Next: Inscriber

Inscribers make Socket Gems and Spellbooks.

However, the Inscriber works differently. The Inscriber makes a spellbook out of scrolls. Scrolls are made the same way equipment is - with monster drops. For example if you are on floor one, you would need one synthetic fur, one fish bone, one wolf pelt and one fox pelt to make one scroll.

Now that you got your scroll, you can make an ability!
As you know, there are two types of abilities - passive and active, and this is how their crafting work:

Passive abilities: Passive abilities are usually abilities that increase your stats. Out of three scrolls gathered, you can make a passive ability that gives you +1 point to a stat specified. But for every extra scroll you use on that spellbook, you get +1 more, meaning if you use five scrolls, you get 3 points on stats specified.
You can also make passive abilities that do not affect stats, such as Breathing underwater and such, but they still cost the same.

Now, active abilities are made out of three scrolls too. Active abilities are abilities that you can use during battle or outside of one to gain tactical or practical advantage. An example of an active ability: [Bash] - Stuns the target for three seconds. However, for an active ability that is either a buff, or a debuff, for example Increase strength and Poison, out of the three MANDATORY scrolls, the buff or debuff only lasts three seconds, and for every additional scroll, +2 seconds are added. Meaning a debuff Bash made out of five scrolls would give your enemy a 5 second long stun. But I will not get into that, you can see the skills section for all available skill combinations. You can also make a spellbook of the same

Inscribers can also make Pet spellbooks. Pets do not get skills while leveling, and this is the only way to get them to learn skills. Although tamed pets cannot be taught skills. Only ones hatched at your care can.
Normal spell books cannot be taught to pets, and pet spellbooks cannot be learned by humans!

Now, how does an inscriber make gems? Well, everyone can make gems, to be honest. The only advantage for inscribers is that they can make gems have stats up to 10 points. Everyone can make gems with up to 3 stat points to a single stat for the required amount of shards. But the +3 gem needs 50 shards, and for the inscriber, every 1 additional stat will require 15 more shards to make (See Items explanation).

Next: Jeweller.

Jeweller makes bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and back items. Although they do not increase stats. Instead, they increase resistance to attack stats (Intelligence, Accuracy and Strength). When making them, using three of every quest item will yield you +3% resistance to a single stat, and every additional quest item of each will add 1% Additional.

Now the last one - Malitechnician.

What it makes is weapons such as Pistols, Rifles and Machine guns.
When making bullets and arrows (Not yet available), you can pick one of the following statuses that it will apply:
Burn, Slow, Bleed, Poison, Cripple, Fear, Dizzyness.
Each of them, when crafted with the lowest amount - three items of each, give a 3% chance, and increases with every additional item of each on the zone.
Weapons are crafted in the same way as Blacksmith or Woodworker, but the only stats on them available are Accuracy and Agility.


Now, every equipment item (Weapon, shield or armor) can have socket slots. Depending on the rarity the item is, the higher amount of slots it gets. (See rarities for an explanation).

Now, an explanation of making a weapon.
Let's say we're making a red pistol at zone one being level 5. The amount of stats we would be able to give it is 3, but it being red gives us +10, meaning the full amount of stats is sixteen. Plus to that, it also gets three gem slots. Meaning, an end result would look like this:

Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! ONc9lZNMilatech Pistol (+3 (+10)  Accuracy; (+9 Accuracy from three Accuracy gems)
Tell me if something is missing.


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(came from Character Generation? Click here to return)
There are two types of skills; Active and Passive. Active skills can be used in combat to deal higher amounts of damage, or aid yourself. Passive skills are skills that are always activated and affect your character. Examples of skills:
Stab (Active) : *Character* stabs the opponent dealing 1 point more damage, and leaving a deadly open wound that bleeds for three seconds bleed.
Sharpshooter (Passive) : Passively increases Accuracy by one point.

If your skill is passive:
The highest amount of stat points for a skill to increase is 1, meaning you cannot make a skill increase a stat by 2.
If you have a variable skill, example:
Steady hands: Increases 1 Pickpocket per every X Agility.
Then the first number is maximum of one, and the X is the minimum of a 5.
When you level up this ability, BOTH numbers must be increased by one!

If your skill is active:
If it's a damage skill, the maximum number of points to the damage stat that can be increased for the skill is 3, meaning that if you shoot a fireball, for THAT skill your Intelligence will rise by three points.
If it's a buff skill, the same rules apply.

Now, you can also upgrade skills.
Every five levels, you can learn an ability, or upgrade an existing one.
Meaning, if you have an ability that increases stats, then when upgraded, it would add one additional point:
Sharpshooter (Passive) : Passively increases Accuracy by 1 point.
Then an upgraded version would be this:
Sharpshooter (Passive)(Level 2) : Passively increases Accuracy by 2 points.
If you have an ability that has a PER variable, then it should be like this:
Sharpshooter (Passive) : Passively increases Accuracy by 1 per 5 defense.
Then upgraded would look like this:
Sharpshooter (Passive)(Level 2) : Passively increases Accuracy by 2 per 7.
Meaning that whenever you level up this ability, the increased stat number increases by one, and the PER variable increases by two.

Now for active skills:
For damage skills, the stat number increases by 1 every upgrade.

Abilities learnt by spellbooks require the same spellbook to be leveled up.

NOTE: If you have a skill that increases a certain stat, you CANNOT get a new skill that involves the same stat. Meaning if one skill increases Accuracy by 3, you cannot get another skill that would increase it, you will have to upgrade the old skill.
Abilities that do not have numeric values, like Riding a pet, or having better hearing CANNOT be upgraded.
Starting characters can have one active and one passive skill of their class (Be creative), and every five levels an additional skill can be learned, but it MUST be posted into the ABILITY REQUESTS forum in your own thread.

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Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! HFdu5VP

Now, let's take a look at items, shall we?
Every equipable item is class based, meaning that you can't equip items not available for your class. Here's a list of examples:
Melee: Shortsword, Longsword, Two handed sword, shield, plate armor, leather armor.
Ranged: Leather armor, Bow, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Crossbow.
Magic: Wand, Staff, Orb, cloth armor. Keep in mind that these ARE NOT THE ONLY types of items. These are just examples. You will have to provide the weapon and armor type you use in the application. Although Armor types are bound by three: Plate armor, Leather armor and Cloth armor.

Equipment has a limit! Let me give you an example before I dive into it. Let's say we have this item:
Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! ONc9lZNMilatech Pistol (+5 (+1)  Accuracy, +3 Agility)
It's base stats are +5 Accuracy and +3 Agility, which makes 8 in total. The rarity points do not count here (Gems neither). Now, that we have 8 points, we need to see if you can equip that item. Let's say you are level 2. For every level you have, you can equip an item with 3 points. Meaning a level 2 person can only equip an item with 6 points or below. Which means the weapon listed above would not be available for equiping. Although if you leveled to level 3, that weapon then would be available to equip. Simple enough!

These are the slots that can be used to equip items:

Left Hand (Weapon):
Right Hand (Weapon):

Now, equipment can be bought, sold, and crafted. But there's one more option. When you get an equipment item, you can carry it to an Identifier, and he will break it into Gem Shards. Gem shards are basically shards that are used to craft Socket Gems to boost an item's stats if it has socket dents in it (See crafting). When you go break an item, the amount and type of shards you get depend on the stats of the item and the rarity.

For example, let's say we have this item:

Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! ONc9lZNMilatech Pistol (+5 (+1)  Accuracy, +3 Agility)
Now, this item's rarity is green, meaning it gets +1 stat. In total, it has 6 Accuracy stats and 3 Agility stats. When you take this item to an Identifier, upon breaking, this item gives you 6 Accuracy shards, and 3 Agility shards. The Rarity stats are added to it.

Now, once you have those shards, they can be used to make gems out of them. Let's take Accuracy shards and Gems as an example. This is an accuracy gem:

Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! Sz9wcYuAccuracy Gem (+1 to +3)
Now, note how it has a range from +1 to +3. The amount of shards decide what number of stats you get.
10 Accuracy shards would make:
Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! Sz9wcYuAccuracy Gem (+1)
25 Accuracy shards would make:
Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! Sz9wcYuAccuracy Gem (+2)
And 50 Accuracy shards would make:
Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! Sz9wcYuAccuracy Gem (+3)
Get it? Okay. Now, to explain the cycle. Once a Gem is put into a weapon or armor, upon breaking that equipment, the gem ISN'T RESTORED. It gets shattered into 1-3 shards depending on what gem it is. And once a Gem is put into a weapon or armor, it CANNOT be pulled out.

Traveling Merchant.
Every once in a while ( upon GMs decision ), a traveling merchant will come to a random town with limited stock of USEFUL items such as rare weapons and armor, and accessories that give bonuses you wouldn't usually be able to get. Of course, it has a price, but the first to come is the first to serve, that's how it goes.

Unidentified Items
Every once in a while a staff member can interfere in your battle with a mob, informing you that you obtained an unidentified equipment item. It can be any rarity the staff member chooses, and it's stats will be determined as followed: Player'slevel divided by two and rounded up, + zone number + mob that dropped level divided by two and rounded up. (as well as rarity bonuses). You can allocate those stat points to wherever you wish at an item identifier in any town,and give the item a proper name of your choice. The price is decided by the amount of stats you get on that item. Every point on that item costs 50 gold. So if you get 4 points, you have to pay 200 gold.

Now, what if you get a Cursed Unidentified Item? Let's say we have this:

What the cursed means, is that when you identify it, the -3 Accuracy stat will still be there in addition to the points you allocate. Leaving it like this:

However, if you break the curse at a Witch NPC, the cursed stats are turned from negatives into positives, giving additional +3 Accuracy, and the item becomes this:


Selling prices.

Let's say you get an item you want to sell. Wanna know how to determine the price? Well, if you sell them to a shopkeeper, you get 50 gold for each stat point in that item. But if you sell it to a player, it's up to you to determine the price.

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Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! L7whZ5M

Now for monsters.
Monsters in Milaheim online are not agressive towards players unless attacked. They don't drop equipment. Most items you will wear will be either boss drops or bought in shops or from other players in the market. Every monster when killed gives a certain amount of experience points, gold, and a drop that they give. These settings are decided by players themselves accordingly. WHEN THE MAX LEVEL OF A ZONE IS REACHED, IF IT'S REACHED BY A QUEST, ANY ADDITIONAL XP YOU GET FROM IT STAYS FOR THE NEXT LEVEL, BUT IT ONLY GOES UP TO THE MAX EXP YOU CAN GET AT THAT LEVEL, AND MOBS DO NOT GIVE EXP ANYMORE AT THAT ZONE!

Boss battles.
As you know every zone will have a boss monster you have to kill to proceed to the next zone. The boss monster will have a set amount of exp and gold it will drop, a range of gear to drop, but only one item will be dropped. The boss monster is controlled by a GM, and has up to five skills (active or passive) that it will use during the battle. Bosses have a lot of hp and are strong, so don't expect them to go down easily. If you rush to kill them while you are not high enough level, YOU WILL DIE. Now, you ask how people split the gear? Well, it's simple really.

Let's say there are three people fighting the first boss King Mauricius. They defeat it, and available drops are:
Milaheim Palace Staff (+5 Intelligence)
Milaheim Palace Bow (+5 Accuracy)
Milaheim Palace Mace (+5 Strength)

And let's name the people Player 1,2 and 3.

Now, a GM goes to a website , puts the available drops in that field and people names in there, so it would look like this:
Milaheim Palace (+5 Intelligence)
Milaheim Palace (+5 Accuracy)
Milaheim Palace (+5 Strength)
Player 1
Player 2
Player 3.

Then, a GM presses Randomize, and the first ITEM name is the item dropped, and the first PERSON name is the person to get it. For example, I just pressed randomize with those names, and got:
Player 2
Milaheim Palace Mace (+5 Strength)
Milaheim Palace Bow (+5 Accuracy)
Milaheim Palace Staff (+5 Intelligence)
Player 3.
Player 1
Meaning Player 2 would get the Milaheim Palace Mace.

The boss only needs to be defeted once by someone, and everyone else can proceed, although you need the maximum level of that floor to proceed.
That is all.

Keep in mind that you can make up "NPC" players that can fight with you in boss battles if you can't find a party.

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Information required to be read! There will be a question to prove you read this post! KIkfsYf
"How to determine damage?" You ask? Well it's quite simple really. Just see the mobs' stats. If their defense is two letters higher than your attack, your blows will do less than normal damage. If their attack is two letters higher than your defense, you will get more damage and so on... It's easy. Smile

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