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Keep track of your character.

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1Keep track of your character. Empty Keep track of your character. on Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:03 pm

This thread explains how to easily keep track of your stats!

First of all, open your application, and the place where you track your character. Now, press "Profile", and you should see sections "Zone, Class, Level, Weapon Type, Armor Type, Profession" In the profile section.

Under Zone, put in the name of the zone you are currently in.

Under Class put in "CLASS; TITLE" of your respectful choices.

Under Level, put in the current level you are.

In Stats, put a spoiler of your stats. SPOILER. It keeps the forums from being overflooded.
Equipment, put a spoiler of your equipment. SPOILER.
Abilities also put a spoiler
Weapon Type and Armor Type doesn't matter if you use a spoiler.
Inventory also is prefered with a spoiler. Plop them down there. that will help you easily keep track and edit your information on the spot when everything changes. You can use Spoilers and quotes to make it look better.
Please, when making an equipment spoiler, use this sheet:
Left Hand (Weapon):
Right Hand (Weapon):

Just so you would not equip two items on the same slot!

Now, after you are done, in your profile, press the "Character Sheet" tab, and do the following:

Type in your current experience (This will make a bar under your profile in the forums. Looks cool and comfortable.), put in your current amount on gold in the "Gold" field.

Keep in mind that you have to edit these when something changes! (There will be less and less editing the further in game you are, cos leveling up will take slower)

Also keep in mind that the order you put your stuff in, the order it will show up in the forums!

Look at my profile at the left of this post to see how it looks.
Color customization encouraged!

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