This is the second run, and the one that will stay, of Milaheim Online, with much improvement and new additions. :)

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[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5]

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1[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty [REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Sun Oct 19, 2014 4:36 pm

[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] KAaQWRd
Milaheim Palace.
Level range: 1-5.
EXP range: 20-100.
Level exp requirements:

From level 1 to level 2: 100
From level 2 to level 3: 200
From level 3 to level 4: 350
From level 4 to level 5: 400

Keep in mind that you go back to 0 exp when you level up.

Area Premise:
Crumbling walls and cracked stairs, broken windows and caved in ceilings form this former masterpiece of the greatest architects of the prehistorical era of Milaheim. Many towers build into it, huge halls and corridors, are now infested with demonic creatures, former inhabitants of this palace, consumed by the horror of the Great War, now risen from the dead to avenge and destroy anyone who sets foot in the dark and cold halls of the palace. Once loyal servants of the King inhabit the village surrounding the palace, separated from it by a huge brick wall to keep out the dangers.

Milaheim Palace's halls and chambers - Dark, dangerous halls and chambers of the Milaheim Palace, now inhabited by the ones who died a violent death caused by the Great War, protected by them at any cost.

Undead Maid/Butler (Level 1)
Damage - A
Defense - A
(Drops Torn Fabric, 10-20 gold and 10-20 EXP)
Throne Room - A gigantic hall, with broken stained glass shattered everywhere and destroyed pillars. A red carpet stretching through, torn into huge parts and small bits, and a broken chandeleir in the middle. It is guarded by dangerous Royal Guards, armored with strong armors, and carrying spears, and Royal Scouts, armored with leather armors and carrying royal crossbows.

Royal Guard (Level 2), Royal Scout (Level 2)
Damage - A
Defense - B
(Drops Royal Crest, 20-30 gold and 20-30 EXP)
Back Courtyard - Spiraling stairs from the halls of Milaheim Palace lead to the back courtyard. Once a beautiful grassy area with tiled pathways, beautiful hedges and flowers surrounding a fountain in the middle, now an open graveyard, full of dead roaming the area.  With blood dripping from various wounds in their bodies, Hellhounds, these two headed, four legged foul creatures guard the courtyard from intruders, attacking those who invade, alongside with the Royal Guards.

Hellhounds (Level 3)
Damage - B
Defense - C
(Drops Hellhound Teeth, 30-35 gold and 30-35 EXP)
Royal Guard (Level 3)
Damage - B
Defense - B
(Drops Royal Crest, 30-35 gold and 30-35 EXP)
Obliderated Village - A part of the once beautiful and friendly village, now destroyed by the war. Crumbling houses and destroyed farms, once inhabited by village folk, now roamed by demonically posessed village folk. Whenever damaged, they quickly regenerate health and regrow lost body parts, as well as heal woulds. They deal quite a lot of damage if they manage to bite you.

Posessed Villager (Walk in groups of 2-3)
Damage - B
Defense - C
(Drops Demonic blood, 35-45 gold and 35-45 EXP)
Milaheim Palace Throne Room A gigantic hall, with broken stained glass shattered everywhere and destroyed pillars. A red carpet stretching through, torn into huge parts and small bits, and a broken chandeleir in the middle.
Boss: King Mauricius - Wearing a golden crown on his head, this half dead, half functioning former leader of the Milaheim people appears in his Throne when appropriately summoned with the required tool. His face split into two sides - one rotten, dead and bloody, and the other - one of a human's, looks fierce, as he launches at people with his Broadsword to tear up anyone opposing him.
Level 6
Recommended level: At least 5.
Minions: Royal Guards
Spawn rate: 3-5 per fight.
Damage - C
Defense - C
His abilities:
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] NqIBUSbWhirlwind: He spins around with his blade in front of him damaging anyone he touches, swiftly advancing into one direction
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] PEFCMMpResistant (Passive): Resistant to stuns and taunts.
Upon death drops 700 gold, gives 200 EXP to all party members and has a chance to drop one of the following:
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 5mQRg2sMilaheim Palace Staff (+5 Intelligence)
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 4gROUmHMilaheim Palace Mace (+5 Strength)
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] LN22lEGMilaheim Palace Bow (+5 Accuracy)

Milaheim Village:
Town Vendor Miller
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] U5GKARD
The most popular visiting place for travelers as the vendor sells things vital for survival. Also there's a notice on the wall that states an arrival of herbs and medicine within a few weeks. Stay on alert for that.

[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] F1p6s32Health Potion - 50 gold each.
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 2zXF7VTTown portal scroll - 100 gold each.
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 1E2zwgLAttack Draught (Increases Damage Stat by one letter for one attack) - 250 gold.
Armorsmith Bill
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] HxuzidY
The armor smith of Milaheim Village. Most of his customers are the town's military authorities, except for an occasional traveler passing by. New merchandise come in every month or so. He also accepts requests for certain types of armors.

[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] C0O86uV[Heavy]Iron Plate Armor (+2 defense -1 speed) - 300 Gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] MVFkHho[Heavy]Iron Boots (+1 defense -1 speed) - 150 gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] SPdCnm6[Light]Leather armor (+1 Defense, +1 Agility) - 250 gold.
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] SAeO2Bq[Light]Sandals (+1 Defense) - 100 gold.
Jeweller Chris
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] FjxqKla
A mastermind when it comes to precision and accuracy in carving stones and forging jewelry. Women come here often to buy expensive jewelry, and adventurers of both genders come here to protect themselves from certain magic or statuses.

[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 7wLAYkLIron Rings (+5% Resistance to Stuns) - 150 gold
Tailor Jessica
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] DznbsVt
The elegant town's tailor is really popular for her fancy cloths used in the products on her table.

[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] WIKxmIlCloth robe (+1 Defense, +1 Intelligence) - 250 gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 0omEgzBSlippers (+1 Defense) - 100 Gold
Weaponsmith Samuel
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] QG7AMLR
Bill's older brother, he specializes in weapon crafting for both the military and adventurers alike. With a wide range of choice from ranged weapons to melee to even magic, this guy is a genius when it comes to weaponry. He sometimes even makes magical equipment! (Although it doesn't stay for sale as long as some would want it to.)

[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] OGGruH4Wooden Sword (+1 Strength) - 25 gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 4JwY8RTWooden Staff (+1 Intelligence) - 25 gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] BuxuktYWooden Bow (+1 Accuracy) - 25 gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Bw0TWXpWooden Crossbow (+1 Accuracy) - 25 gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] RVRcUs5Wooden Spear (+1 Accuracy or +1 Strength) - 25 gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] HBXenzcWooden Wand (+1 Wisdom) - 25 gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] UIGW8YmWooden Buckler (+1 Defense) - 25 gold
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 2Xlt2e7Wooden Dagger (+1 Accuracy or +1 Agility) - 25 gold
Identifier Ashton
[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Tp7h2U1
This guy does way more than just identification, however, if the town military found out about it, he'd probably be locked up in a dungeon somewhere deep, deep underground.
Identifier identifies gear that monsters have dropped for you during battle for a fine of 100 gold.
50 gold to rest.

[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] SXZi6YdQuests:
Level 1:

Starting NPC: Tailor Jessica

"Ah, hello, adventurer! Are you in need of work? I am the Tailor of this town, Jessica, and I have heard rumors of the Milaheim Palace Maids and Butlers dropping fine, yet torn fabrics used by the most skilled craftsmans across the world. These fabrics are of high value if sold to certain buyers, and I would like to try to piece them together, in order to make something I could sell for a bit of gold. You see where I'm going here?
I am in no shape nor do I want to travel into the palace to get the required items for the task, so I ask of you a slight favor. If you would be so kind, and travel up the hill to that destroyed palace, and roam the halls, getting five Torn Fabrics, I would reward you of your troubles appropriately, and give a huge thank you. Please press the accept button if you wish to help me."

Objective: Get five Torn Fabrics for the Tailor Jessica.
Reward: 300 gold, 80 EXP.

Level 2:

Starting NPC: Librarian Scott.

"Ah, adventurer! You have appeared at the right place, at the right time! I have heard of your deeds for the Tailor around here, and I need your assistance. I am currently studying the magic Milaheim Palace citizens used to protect themselves from threat, and I have came to a conclusion, that the king and his men should have something to do with it. Before the palace was so brutally deconstructed, it's guards all carried the Milaheim Crest with them, a little pocket wooden sword with the letters ML carved in them. Isn't it fascinating? But there's more to it than that!
I have recently found out that these crests might have been what protected them, gave them impeccable abilities! But I am not an adventurer myself, sadly, I'm not the type, so I cannot find out by myself. If you could help me recover at least three of these Crests, I would reward you with the amount of gold you deserve. Would you be kind to accept the quest?"

Objective: Get three Royal Crests.
Reward: 100 EXP and 250 gold.

Level 3:

Starting NPC: Librarian Scott

"I thank you for the Crests, young adventurer, but that is not all I ask from you. You see, I am already beginning to age, coming closer to my end, and my memory sometimes blanks out, like now. Somewhere among these bookshelves dwells a book I need in order to complete these studies, but I cannot seem to remember where, and I am busy figuring out what magic lies behind these crests.
I ask of you another favor. I require your assistance in finding this book. It lies somwhere in the magic studies section, and is called "Arcana Lingua", which is old Latanian for "Arcane Language". Please find that book for me, and I shall reward you once again."

Objective: Find the "Arcana Lingua" book in the librarian's bookshelves.
Rewards: 50 Gold and 100 EXP.

Level 3:

Starting NPC: Librarian Scott

"Oh wow, you will get me broke, fella. Yes, I need to ask of a favor. Again. This time, it is a dangerous mission once again. I've heard that the pets of Milaheim palace have reincarnated as Hellhounds, one of the most deadly undead creatures out there, and their teeth are what I need for the studies. You see, I might be onto something big here, and without the teeth, I cannot study further.
So I ask you of a favor - please, go to the palace's back courtyard, and hunt a few of those Hellhounds for their teeth. Four teeth should be more than enough for my studies, and that is all I ask you of. Please press the accept button."

Objective: Bring back four Hellhound Teeth
Rewards: 100 Gold and 150 EXP, and

Level 4:

Starting NPC: Librarian Scott

"I need to ask you of a favor one more time, and hopefully the last, as I am running out of things to give you. You see, my most recent studies along with your help have shown that Mauricius, the King of  Milaheim had made a contract with one of the Demon Witches in Altaria Mountains, in order to protect his army. I might be able to recover the required information to destroy King Mauricius' remains in this world, and rid the palace of all evil beings. But in order to do that, I need some Demonic blood. I've heard some people talk about attacks coming from the eastern part of our village, coming from the ruins. They said they were Demons who attacked.
If you could manage to fill these vials with Demon Blood, I would gladly pay you for your work and might even find out something amazing! Please press accept on this quest."

Objective: Bring three Demonic Blood Vials.
Rewards: 100 Gold and 150 EXP.

Boss Fight (Level 5):

"Ah, yes! My favourite adventurer! You came to check what I have found, yes? Well, I can say that you did not go on these quests for nothing, my friend! I have recovered the way to summon out King Mauricius' remains and quite possibly destroy him, although that might be hard, considering that he made a deal with the Demonic Witches. He might have powers not yet seen before.
What?! You want to kill him?! Well you must be out of your mind! But I guess I could allow you. Here, take this. This is one of the crests you brought me, combined with a little bit of magic and the rest of the ingredients. When you're in the throne room of the palace, take the Crest and smash it into the ground. That should wake that bastard up! Good luck, adventurer!"

Objective: Kill the King.
Rewards: King's Drops

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2[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: [REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:46 am

Accompanied by curiosity and excitement Carlile poofed into the world of Milaheim Online as soon as the loading on his gear finished. He found himself in a simple medieval village with wooden houses, people talking to eachother, and surprisingly, it was all oh so real. Even though he wanted to be an asshole, he very much liked what he saw. He liked that he would finally be able to relax and live the way he always wanted, instead of living with those fake parents.

Holding a wooden dagger in his hand and wearing but simple clothing he looked around to find his first order of business. He did realize that without any protection he'd easily die in an mmorpg game, especially this one. From the reviews he found online people implied that this game was very hard. At least you don't die in real life - he thought to himself as he wandered around the town aimlessly, trying to find an armor store.

After a while he noticed something of interest - an armor store! Even though the sign in front of the door showed some sort of iron armor, he still hoped it would have something for him and went on in...

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She rolled within her slumber, trying to fall back into the pleasant, deeper sleep. Unfortunately, her surroundings didn't exactly help with that. Her bed is so hard... And uneven, too. Like someone placed rocks under her bedsheets. There's also the warm rays of sunlight beating down on her from seemingly all directions, trying to coax her awake. But she doesn't want to wake up. Rolling further to one side, she groaned as her face hit grass.
Wait, grass?
Rolling on her back, Nadia opened her eyes, to find that she is very much not in her room. Wide open air stretched around her, and as she ran her hands through the 'bed' she had been sleeping in, she found dirt and grass. No mistaking it - she's clearly outside. And judging from the feeling around her body, she wasn't in her pajamas, either. But how? She didn't recall any possible way she could-

And then a face came into her field of vision. A girl is looking down at her from above. Acting on pure reflex, she couldn't help but yelp in surprise. The girl looked at her with a mixture of concern and bewilderment, and asked,


This only served to confuse her more. ‘Master’? That can’t be right. As far as she knew, she’s definitely not a master of – wait, are those cat ears?
Then it all started to come back to her. That’s right – that’s why she’s not in her room. And the equally confused, cat-eared, black-haired girl in front of her would be-


The black-haired girl slowly nodded, and replied, “Y-yes. That’s me. Um, master? Are you all right? You seem… Out of it”

“Oh! Uh, I’m sorry, Kyree. I’m all right. Really. Just… Disoriented, I guess”, Nadia replied quickly.

“Ah… I see. It looks like I was worried over nothing. Thank goodness”, Kyree responded, worry gone from her voice. She extended one arm down, offering her master help.

“Sorry for making you worry, Kyree”, Nadia replied, accepting Kyree’s help and standing up. “I still feel kinda woozy, though. Can I get a quick recap of where we are and what we’re doing?”

“Hmm… Well, we’re definitely traveling, but…” Kyree thought for a bit, before shaking her head in apparent frustration. “…Sorry. My memory’s a bit fuzzy too, Nadia. That never happened before…”, she trailed off, surveying her surroundings, “Hey, isn’t that a village just right over there?”, she said, pointing at the simple medieval village just a few paces from them.
“Well, I guess the normal course of action would be to go in and ask around, right?” Nadia replied, earning an affirmative nod from her familiar.

It wasn’t long before they entered the village, and the duo are now walking through the streets, not finding much of note aside from villagers doing their usual jobs. Eventually, they encountered the shopping district.
“Ah, the shopping district”, Nadia mused. “Come to think of it, how many supplies do we currently have, Kyree?”

“Um, let me see”, her familiar responded, rummaging through their bag. “Well… Not much, really. Just four healing-potion vials and a couple hundred coins. I don’t think we had the time to prepare much before we started this journey”

“I see. So… Time to hit the shops?”
Kyree nodded, and the two entered the first shop they came across – a shop with a sign depicting metal armor.

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Tristan browsed the wares of the armoursmith, thinking what armour to get.
"No, that'll slow me down. No, not that either. That's just useless..."
His eyes fell upon the leather armour. It was light, yet strong. Just what this man needed.
"Perfect! I'll be having the leather armour then."
"That'll be 250 Gold."
Tristan dug out his purse and handed the money over, which in turn rewarded him some armour. He wore it the moment he got the armour.
"Well, this should help me out more."

Tristan did a slight stretch to see how it fitted. The leather was snug to his body and he much enjoyed it. His halberd was slung to his back, so he could pull it out when necessary for combat.
Through the door came a female mage and her familiar, what appeared to be another player of Milaheim. He approached and greeted them, being the nice guy he was.
He walked over and offered a hand to shake for whichever to hold.
"How'd you do? I'm Tristan."

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5[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: [REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:43 pm

Nadia was, frankly, quite surprised. She just entered what she surmised to be an armorsmith's store, and just as suddenly she was cordially greeted by a red-haired lad. She was at a loss at what to say, and glancing at Kyree, she only saw her familiar looking at the greeter with a seemingly indifferent, though focused, gaze, which Nadia knew was the expression she wore when she was being wary of strangers.

In the end, she settled with simply returning the greeting, shaking the young man's hand.
"Nadia Pyrefly. How do you do?", she said. The cat-girl nodded lightly, still keeping her seemingly blank expression, and followed, "Kyree Furlein. Pleasure to meet you"

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6[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: [REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Wed Oct 29, 2014 2:52 pm

Travis looked around confused, as he was somewhere he had never seen before. Though he had never seen this place before, he knew it was called... Milaheim Palace...? Something along the lines of that. Though confused, he had knew he would need to get some armor.

He navigated the menues untill he found the map, and he soon headed in the direction of the Armorsmith, which he soon found. As he opened the door, he seemed to hear someone speak, and he saw three, no, four people.
"Hello? Is this the armorsmith..?" he asked, as he looked around the room, and saw several metal and leather armors. "Nevermind, seems self-explanatory. Uh, I'm Travis, by the way. Hi." He waved.

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Tristan smiled as the handshakes were accepted and polite gesture exchanged. He knew that the best way to progress in this game was to make friends and work together, and this was the first step towards it.
"A pleasure to meet you too. This is honestly the first time ive been in a game so well detailed. I'm sure we can work together for even better things to come."

Tristan chuckled at Travis, who seemed to confuse himself. "Yes this is the armoursmith. I'm Tristan by the way, how are you?"

Tristan was fenuinely happy. He preferred when people online worked together than tried to kill each other, which he felt generally was only detrimental.

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8[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: [REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:27 pm

Out of the corner of her eye, Nadia noticed Kyree's eyebrows twitch somewhat at the mention of the word 'game'. As much as she, her master, would like to know exactly why, she immediately assumed that it's something she should avoid bringing up. Nevertheless, Nadia returned Tristan's smile, and replied,
"Well then, I look forward to working with you".

As soon as she finished her sentence, she heard the door she came from open, and turned to see another man, who introduced herself as Travis. She opened her mouth to respond-
"She is Nadia Pyrefly, and I am Kyree Furlein, her familiar. Pleasure to meet you"
-But her familiar beat her to it.

Still, she had already opened her mouth, so...
"Um, anyway. What are we all here for, again?"
...Smooth, Nadia sarcastically mused, mentally facepalming. She really could've spoken something better than that.

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Tristan chuckled slightly at her question, her expression making it clear that she spoke before thinking. Happens to the best of us.

"I actually just bought some armour. After all, I prefer to increase my survival chances and all. If you're here to peruse though, I suppose I should leave you to it."

Tristan looked around, seeing the selection there was.
"Although the Tailor seemed to have more suitsble equipment for mages. That's your choice though."

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"Uh, fine, I suppose" he quickly answered Tristans initial question "can't really remember much, so there's THAT." he shrugged it off.
"And pleasure to meet you too." he nodded at the cat..lady.

"Yeah, I'm here for armor, seems like that would be... useful in increasing the chances for survival.." he eyes Tristan "something along the lines of yours would fit me quite well, I imagine, and now if you'll excuse me, I'll go buy some." he walked over to the armorsmith, who introduced himself as Bill.
"I'd like the best leather armor you've got lying around, Bill." he pointed towards Tristan "something along the lines of that would do me well."
"Protective sandals as well, ser?" Bill asked as he pulled out some leather armor.
"Oh.. yes, please." he nodded as he spoke.
"350 gold, then, ser." Travis handed him the gold, and recieved the armor and sandals, he quickly donned the armor, and took on his new.. sandals.. how would they protect him again? Whatever.

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"Survival chances, huh? I can't say I can't agree with you there", Nadia replied to Tristan's statement, nodding in agreement. "Though...", she continued, approaching the racks of metal armor for display, "I don't think I'll ever wear anything this heavy"

"Nor will I", Kyree added.

"Well then, young lasses", the armorsmith, Bill, commented, "May I interest you in a fine set of leather armor, as the two lads have procured?"

"That'd be nice, thank you", Kyree replied, "And I'll have the 'protective sandals' too, please!", she added, earning a raised eyebrow from her master, to which she simply smiled.

"That will be 350 gold coins, then", answered the armorsmith, as the cat-girl dutifully complied. The transaction done, Bill looked over toward Nadia, and asked,
"And how about you, miss?"

"Ah, none for me, thank you. I don't think I can handle even leather armor..."

"Ah, if that's the case, then I would suggest you visit the tailor, Jessica, next. She makes the finest garments in the town... Now that I think about it, I recall her also needing help with... Something. Perhaps you can ask her about it?"

"I'll do that, thank you. Now then..."
While Kyree was wearing her new set of armor, Nadia glimpsed yet someone else in the room - a young man, likely having been there the entire time, his presence seemingly about as thin as mist. She inadvertently approached as she saw him, and said in greeting,
"Oh, uh, hey there"

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Carl nodded at the girl approaching her. Having let her and her... something, shop first, he had to wait for his turn to buy some defense for himself. "Greetings." accompanied his nod. He would have pushed a smile through, however, he didn't really feel that comfortable with the player yet. Carlile poofed into a flock of mist which traveled towards the shopkeeper and turned back into Carl's body.

"I need a piece of sturdy, but light armor." He said cautiously probably even forgetting about the girl.
"Leather armor would suit you most likely."
"Alright, give me that."
Carl paid the man a required 250 amount of gold coins and received the armor he desired. Putting it on was tough, however, satisfying. He would have some protection now, at least.

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To say that Nadia was surprised at how the person before her literally disappeared into mist, only to reform seconds later, was... Actually as accurate as it gets. Noting his dispassionate stance, she would like to inquire further, but she knew better than to pry when she's not wanted.
At least he was polite enough to return her greeting - that's enough for her.
She turned to the other two, and said,
"Well, uh, I'm going to go to the tailor's next, so in case we're parting ways, I'm just going to say that it's been nice meeting you, and I hope we meet again"

As Nadia left, Kyree closely followed behind, nodding at Tristan and Travis with a slight smile beginning to form at her face.

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As he put the armor on Carl quickly dissolved into the bundle of mist again and flew towards the girl that greeted him only to materialize back in front of her. However, the landing was more rough than he had initially expected, he materialized in mid air and fell on his bottom.

"Uhh... Hey, um, do you have any idea where I could find some work? I need to start thinking about the future." Carl said to the girl, hoping she'd answer instead of just being mad at him.

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15[REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: [REBOOT] Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Tue Nov 11, 2014 3:34 pm

As Carlile suddenly materialized right in front of her, with absolutely no prior warning about such an event happening in the immediate time period and of course zero mental preparation, Nadia reflexively did what many relatively normal girls would do in that situation.

Which involves a stereotypically girly yelp of mixed panic, surprise and fear, and an on-reflex backward hop that very nearly caused her to lose her footing if it was not for her familiar quickly catching her mid-fall.

And then the question came, and her surprise quickly turned to bewilderment.
"I- uh- you- what-"
Which of course didn't stop her from stuttering several words, none connected to each other, before finally managing to think up and say a fully coherent sentence.
"You're asking me?", Nadia asked back, "Well, I mean, we just got here, and-"

"Well, first, we're travelers, and we just got here", Kyree continued, "So we're probably not the best person to ask for where to work. Second...", she gave Carlile a dispassionate glare, "Could you please not do that again?"

"Mhm. Living normally gives enough heart-rate upgrades without having to add more", Nadia agreed.
"Speaking of which, the armorsmith did tell me that the tailor apparently needed something, so...", she trailed off, hoping the person in front of her can fill in the blanks she can't exactly fill in herself.

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It had been tiring work to kick her roommates out of the house but it was well worth the effort as Marcia plopped down on her bed with this so-called nerve helmet in her lap. The desire to just put it on and start up the game it had come with was tempting but she opted not to, turning the device this way and that to get a better look of it. "Strange" She thought outloud. There wasn't really any casing in the box it'd come from but she couldn't help but feel it was a special model, made to look more like an air pilot's headgear than state of then VR gear. This thought sent a shiver down her spine, Sarah had little interest in technology much to Marcia's dismay. But Clarence?

She paused her inspection of the helmet and sighed. It wasn't worth getting worried over nothing, the device seemed fine and one of her roommates even put it on as a joke when she unboxed it earlier.

"Well, here goes nothing." The nerve helmet slipped on rather easily and with a rather noisy 'click' it was secured and starting up.


An offending brightness seemed intent on trying to blind Marcia as she forced her eyes closed, stumbling backward and falling onto her rear. Her fall causing a hood with apparently little holes for her ears to fall over her head, thankfully shielding her eyes. "Ugh... Why so bright? Wait, when did I'd outside?" Pushing herself up off of the ground she was able to get a good look around her surroundings. It was a small village, but civilization nonetheless. There were even some buildings marked as shops by the signs that hung on their doors.

"So awesome!" Marcia squealed before she took a few steps forward and gasped, only just now noticing her body was different. Even though she effectively only had rags for clothing, she could still feel the wind blowing through her fur and the odd sensation of hooves touching the ground. Wait, hooves? She raised an eyebrow as she lifted a leg a bit. "Sometimes I just amaze myself at the weird things I come up with." Marcia commented aloud to herself. Although she questioned some of her design choices, the lovely tail swishing behind her definitely wasn't her worst idea yet, specially since she could actually control it!

"Okay okay, first thing's first. Gotta get some upgrades, these are just pathetic."

Marcia frowned at the rags she'd started off with, although thankful for the cloth hood they wouldn't do much against... anything, anything at all. Though with a happier note there was a tailor apparently open! And with that she nearly skipped in through the open shop door.

"Welcome!" Came a melodious from behind the counter as Marcia came in, her ears perking up at the noise as she swiveled her head toward owner. The woman smiled at her and gestured to her store, "I am Jessica, please darling. Allow me to help you get out of such filthy things! For the right price of course."

Though startled, she answered back while glancing around at many designs. "Oh uh, I'm Numb. What's the price on this robe?" Numb asked while tugging on the fabric of a robed mannequin.

"250 gold, dear."

Numb took a moment to count out the amount she had started with, taking out enough to pay Jessica. She didn't have much to start with, but it was better then nothing at least. And with that she slipped on her new cloth robe.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't quite help noticing you look like... pardon me but a rough type. I have some work if you'd be interested in getting paid a bit."

Numb looked up suddenly and grinned, finally! A quest! "Sure, what do you need done?"

"You see, Milaheim Palace is right outside our walls and within it are some of King Mauricius' loyal servants, returned from the dead for one reason or another. As ghastly as they are, the maids and butlers still wear clothing made of the finest fabrics used by the most skilled craftsmen around the world! Now if I could only get my hands on some, I could make quite a lot selling them and even making a few patterns out of torn bits to sell here." She paused for a moment and leaned forward on her counter, chin resting in her palms. "This is where you come in darling, I am in no shape for traveling or ah, 'gathering' fabric. But you? Well i'll gladly pay you for your efforts if you head into the destroyed palace and return with five Torn Fabrics. What do you say?"

Numb paused for a moment to let the tailor's offer soak in, it sounded a bit dangerous but how bad could it be? She heard the game was hard but if she died at least it wasn't for real. "Deal! Don't you worry Jessica! You'll be able to make all the pretty things soon!" Numb proclaimed before rushing out of the shop.


It didn't take Numb long to find the palace after leaving the wall. How could she miss it? It was a monstrous building, decrepit and plagued with moss and mold. It was obvious no one has lived here in a very long time, well except the undead. But in Numb's mind they didn't really count since they weren't exactly alive in the first place.

Numb eventually reached the palace gates, frowning at the rusty bars barring her way in. She pressed a hoof against the offending obstacle and sighed when it didn't show any sign of budging, there was no way she was going to  force this open anytime soon. Glancing around the walls that surrounded the palace it seemed a section of the wall didn't stand the test of time, partially crumbled with vines having grown over the stone. Perfect.

Sucking in a breath of air Numb grabbed leap up onto the crumbled wall, grabbing the vines firmly and climbing over. However once she dropped over to the other side, she slipped on some rubble coming down and skid her knee. "Damn it!" Numb cried out before she hissed in pain, it was surprising that she actually felt that. Even if it wasn't as bad as it'd be in real life, it still hurt.

Recalling one of her spells, she quickly healed her cut by growing a leafy pod off of one of the vines, the pod bursting with enchanted spores already causing the pain to fade and the cut to mend. But also filling her with some kind of strange power, looking deep inside herself she tapped into this mysterious power and felt her body shift. In a small 'poof!' she entered her guardian form. Craning her neck her body didn't look that different, the same colors and intricate yellows in her coat as she did when she stood on two legs. The lack of hands was discerning but Numb somehow knew that she'd be able to change back if need be.

Turning her attention back to the palace she scanned for other ways into it's broken halls, she doubted that she could get into the front seeing as a column had collapsed over it. But luckily there seemed to be a low window big enough to get through, and easily enough she slipped into the hall that the window belonged to.
I wonder...
Numb kept her nose low to the ground, sniffing around as she tried to find her way around the place. If dogs could do it-, she figured, then why can't I?

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A loud sneeze echoed through the halls of the palace as Numb sniffled a bit. The sniffing plan didn't exactly work out, specially when the amount of dust littering the place would just cause her to sneeze repeatedly. Soon she reached the end of the hall, which split off in two directions. Since the had been blocked off by the ceiling falling in, she took the right little corridor which lead into a much larger ruined hall. Except, it wasn't empty like the last one.

Diving quickly behind the broken archway that framed the ruined hall's entrance to hide herself, Her heart thudded in her chest as she waited for a movement but none followed. Numb poked her head out from the entryway and saw them, rotten walking corpses in surprisingly fine clothing! At least two maids and a butler, all just awkwardly standing there in place.

Okay, calm down! It's just three zombies, nothing to worry about! Haha, I bet they're too slow to even fight back anyways! Zombies are slow right?! She paused her train of thought for a long minute. I'm so screwed if I fight them...

She pulled her head back and let out a frustrated sigh. There wasn't really anywhere else to go unless she tried another window, and that'd take a while to find when her targets are right in front of her. Maybe one or two of them will leave if I wait? Numb poked her head around the corner to watch the trio. They just kept standing there, one of the maid's hands suddenly snapped off and hit the royal carpet with a soft 'thump' but they continued tp stand on guard duty.

Right, rot for brains. She pulled her head back again and tried formulating some kind of plan.

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