This is the second run, and the one that will stay, of Milaheim Online, with much improvement and new additions. :)

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Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5]

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1Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:49 pm

Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] KAaQWRd
Milaheim Palace.
Level range: 1-5.
EXP range: 20-100.
Level exp requirements:

From level 1 to level 2: 100
From level 2 to level 3: 200
From level 3 to level 4: 350
From level 4 to level 5: 400

Keep in mind that you go back to 0 exp when you level up.

Area Premise:
Crumbling walls and cracked stairs, broken windows and caved in ceilings form this former masterpiece of the greatest architects of the prehistorical era of Milaheim. Many towers build into it, huge halls and corridors, are now infested with demonic creatures, former inhabitants of this palace, consumed by the horror of the Great War, now risen from the dead to avenge and destroy anyone who sets foot in the dark and cold halls of the palace. Once loyal servants of the King inhabit the village surrounding the palace, separated from it by a huge brick wall to keep out the dangers.

Milaheim Palace's halls and chambers - Dark, dangerous halls and chambers of the Milaheim Palace, now inhabited by the ones who died a violent death caused by the Great War, protected by them at any cost.

Undead Maid/Butler (Level 1)
(Drops Torn Fabric, 10-20 gold and 10-20 EXP)
Throne Room - A gigantic hall, with broken stained glass shattered everywhere and destroyed pillars. A red carpet stretching through, torn into huge parts and small bits, and a broken chandeleir in the middle. It is guarded by dangerous Royal Guards, armored with strong armors, and carrying spears, and Royal Scouts, armored with leather armors and carrying royal crossbows.

Royal Guard (Level 2), Royal Scout (Level 2)
(Drops Royal Crest, 20-30 gold and 20-30 EXP)
Back Courtyard - Spiraling stairs from the halls of Milaheim Palace lead to the back courtyard. Once a beautiful grassy area with tiled pathways, beautiful hedges and flowers surrounding a fountain in the middle, now an open graveyard, full of dead roaming the area.  With blood dripping from various wounds in their bodies, Hellhounds, these two headed, four legged foul creatures guard the courtyard from intruders, attacking those who invade, alongside with the Royal Guards.

Hellhounds (Level 3)
(Drops Hellhound Teeth, 30-35 gold and 30-35 EXP)
Royal Guard (Level 3)
(Drops Royal Crest, 30-35 gold and 30-35 EXP)
Obliderated Village - A part of the once beautiful and friendly village, now destroyed by the war. Crumbling houses and destroyed farms, once inhabited by village folk, now roamed by demonically posessed village folk. Whenever damaged, they quickly regenerate health and regrow lost body parts, as well as heal woulds. They deal quite a lot of damage if they manage to bite you.

Posessed villager (Walk in groups of 2-3)
(Drops Demonic blood, 35-45 gold and 35-45 EXP)
Milaheim Palace Throne Room A gigantic hall, with broken stained glass shattered everywhere and destroyed pillars. A red carpet stretching through, torn into huge parts and small bits, and a broken chandeleir in the middle.
Boss: King Mauricius - Wearing a golden crown on his head, this half dead, half functioning former leader of the Milaheim people appears in his Throne when appropriately summoned with the required tool. His face split into two sides - one rotten, dead and bloody, and the other - one of a human's, looks fierce, as he launches at people with his Broadsword to tear up anyone opposing him.
Level 6
Recommended level: At least 5.
Minions: Royal Guards
Spawn rate: 3-5 per fight.
His abilities:
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] NqIBUSbWhirlwind: He spins around with his blade in front of him damaging anyone he touches, swiftly advancing into one direction
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] PEFCMMpResistant (Passive): Resistant to stuns and taunts.
Upon death drops 700 gold, gives 200 EXP to all party members and has a chance to drop one of the following:
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 5mQRg2sMilaheim Palace Staff (+5 Intelligence)
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 4gROUmHMilaheim Palace Mace (+5 Strength)
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] LN22lEGMilaheim Palace Bow (+5 Accuracy)

Milaheim Village:
Town Vendor Miller

Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] F1p6s32Health Potion - 50 gold each.
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 2zXF7VTTown portal scroll - 100 gold each.
Blacksmith Bill

Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] C0O86uVIron Plate Armor (+2 defense -1 speed) - 300 Gold
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] MVFkHhoIron Boots (+1 defense -1 speed) - 150 gold
Jeweller Chris

Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 7wLAYkLIron Rings (+5% Resistance to Stuns) - 150 gold
Tailor Jessica

Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] WIKxmIlCloth robe (+1 Defense, +1 Intelligence) - 250 gold
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 0omEgzBSlippers (+1 Defense) - 100 Gold
Leatherworker Milanna

Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] SPdCnm6Leather armor (+1 Defense, +1 Agility) - 250 gold.
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] SAeO2BqSandals (+1 Defense) - 100 gold.
Woodworker Samuel

Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] OGGruH4Wooden Sword (+1 Strength) - 400 gold
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] 4JwY8RTWooden Staff (+1 Intelligence) - 400 gold
Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] BuxuktYWooden Bow (+1 Accuracy) - 400 gold
Identifier Ashton
Identifier identifies gear that monsters have dropped for you during battle.
50 gold to rest.

Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] SXZi6YdQuests:
Level 1: Investigation process
Starting NPC: Tailor Jessica

"Ah, hello, adventurer! Are you in need of work? I am the Tailor of this town, Jessica, and I have heard rumors of the Milaheim Palace Maids and Butlers dropping fine, yet torn fabrics used by the most skilled craftsmans across the world. These fabrics are of high value if sold to certain buyers, and I would like to try to piece them together, in order to make something I could sell for a bit of gold. You see where I'm going here?
I am in no shape nor do I want to travel into the palace to get the required items for the task, so I ask of you a slight favor. If you would be so kind, and travel up the hill to that destroyed palace, and roam the halls, getting five Torn Fabrics, I would reward you of your troubles appropriately, and give a huge thank you. Please press the accept button if you wish to help me."

Objective: Get five Torn Fabrics for the Tailor Jessica.
Reward: 300 gold, 80 EXP.

Level 2: Milaheim Crest.
Starting NPC: Librarian Scott.

"Ah, adventurer! You have appeared at the right place, at the right time! I have heard of your deeds for the Tailor around here, and I need your assistance. I am currently studying the magic Milaheim Palace citizens used to protect themselves from threat, and I have came to a conclusion, that the king and his men should have something to do with it. Before the palace was so brutally deconstructed, it's guards all carried the Milaheim Crest with them, a little pocket wooden sword with the letters ML carved in them. Isn't it fascinating? But there's more to it than that!
I have recently found out that these crests might have been what protected them, gave them impeccable abilities! But I am not an adventurer myself, sadly, I'm not the type, so I cannot find out by myself. If you could help me recover at least three of these Crests, I would reward you with the amount of gold you deserve. Would you be kind to accept the quest?"

Objective: Get three Royal Crests.
Reward: 100 EXP and 250 gold.

Level 3: Scott's studies
Starting NPC: Librarian Scott

"I thank you for the Crests, young adventurer, but that is not all I ask from you. You see, I am already beginning to age, coming closer to my end, and my memory sometimes blanks out, like now. Somewhere among these bookshelves dwells a book I need in order to complete these studies, but I cannot seem to remember where, and I am busy figuring out what magic lies behind these crests.
I ask of you another favor. I require your assistance in finding this book. It lies somwhere in the magic studies section, and is called "Arcana Lingua", which is old Latanian for "Arcane Language". Please find that book for me, and I shall reward you once again."

Objective: Find the "Arcana Lingua" book in the librarian's bookshelves.
Rewards: 50 Gold and 100 EXP.

Level 3: Fangs
Starting NPC: Librarian Scott

"Oh wow, you will get me broke, fella. Yes, I need to ask of a favor. Again. This time, it is a dangerous mission once again. I've heard that the pets of Milaheim palace have reincarnated as Hellhounds, one of the most deadly undead creatures out there, and their teeth are what I need for the studies. You see, I might be onto something big here, and without the teeth, I cannot study further.
So I ask you of a favor - please, go to the palace's back courtyard, and hunt a few of those Hellhounds for their teeth. Four teeth should be more than enough for my studies, and that is all I ask you of. Please press the accept button."

Objective: Bring back four Hellhound Teeth
Rewards: 100 Gold and 150 EXP, and .

Level 4: Demonic Blood Vials
Starting NPC: Librarian Scott

"I need to ask you of a favor one more time, and hopefully the last, as I am running out of things to give you. You see, my most recent studies along with your help have shown that Mauricius, the King of  Milaheim had made a contract with one of the Demon Witches in Altaria Mountains, in order to protect his army. I might be able to recover the required information to destroy King Mauricius' remains in this world, and rid the palace of all evil beings. But in order to do that, I need some Demonic blood. I've heard some people talk about attacks coming from the eastern part of our village, coming from the ruins. They said they were Demons who attacked.
If you could manage to fill these vials with Demon Blood, I would gladly pay you for your work and might even find out something amazing! Please press accept on this quest."

Objective: Bring three Demonic Blood Vials.
Rewards: 100 Gold and 150 EXP.

Boss Fight (Level 5): King Mauricius
"Ah, yes! My favourite adventurer! You came to check what I have found, yes? Well, I can say that you did not go on these quests for nothing, my friend! I have recovered the way to summon out King Mauricius' remains and quite possibly destroy him, although that might be hard, considering that he made a deal with the Demonic Witches. He might have powers not yet seen before.
What?! You want to kill him?! Well you must be out of your mind! But I guess I could allow you. Here, take this. This is one of the crests you brought me, combined with a little bit of magic and the rest of the ingredients. When you're in the throne room of the palace, take the Crest and smash it into the ground. That should wake that bastard up! Good luck, adventurer!"

Objective: Kill the King.
Rewards: King's Drops

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After the character creation finished, Kid appeared in a town, in a real body. Everything felt so real, he couldn't tell any differences between the game and the real world.
"This would do. I just have to rush my level like before, and get well known as soon as possible!" Kid took a big step and almost tripped down.
"Whoa, there! I think my character is taller than I am in real world. It is really hard to balance myself in some occasion... Like previous." Kid opened his map and saw a question mark above a house not far from him. The sign of a quest. Kid approached the house and it appeared to be a tailor's house. He entered in and yelled "Moshi Moshi!".
As he entered, the Tailor worker, Jessica, attacked him with a question. It appeared to be a quest, to kill 5 undead maid or butler to collect 5 torn fabrics.
"I'm on it, Jess!" Kid walked out and looked as far as he could. A bit far from the town he could locate an abandoned palace, which seemed to be Milaheim Palace. "That's it!" Kid ran toward the palace as fast as he could to begin his first time at Milaheim Online!

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A 6 foot 4 inch, 19 and a half year old man, with long tipped ears appeared in the rushed market square of the town, who was clad in black. He had the golden skin tone of a Britisher with the odd Indian ancestor, which was the exact same skin tone as his in real life. The avatar, the nexus! of destruction and WIN in this world, has arrived, he thought arrogantly. He had a fifty fifty chance of being right, so he had SOMETHING to be arrogant ABOUT! He looked around from under his cloak. The NPC's gave him a slight bit (SLIGHT) more attention than a usual player, as the advanced AI of the system noticed his personality and psychological make up, was a little more extreme than most. This was rare, but not unprecedented, really. He decided to get to work. The sooner he leveled up, the sooner would he be able to RAIN HELL ON THIS PLACE. He chuckled and made his mind not make such inhuman jokes. It was a joke, right? Whatever, really.

He made his way to the first quest, which was with the Tailor. The nametag showed the NPC's name. <Tailor Jessica>.
"Jess, huh?" He pulled up the quest bar after he spoke to her. He had paid attention, considering the face and advanced recognition software running in the matrix. Rather complicated. It helped that he knew the basic codework for this kind of AI. He knew the psychological "buttons" these AI's had, at a VERY small level. The buttons were just stuff like "Help the Players!" "Sell shit to the players!" "Give QUESTS! Soo much fun in them!!" Kind of a waste for programming that nearly gave the AI actual intelligence.

So he had to kill shit, now? Awesome

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Neil made his way out of the relatively the normal town, and realized something. As he moved away from the Town's boundaries, the sky darkened slightly. It had quite the effect. He then lost attention in the sky, and looked upon the giant castle up ahead.

Its very gates were far taller than him. It had a dark and imposing look, as if its chambers held the very rugose horrors that had been described by HP Lovecraft. Definitely not. This was just the first floor, in a HUGE system. For it to contain Lovecraftian terrors was incredibly improbable. As he approached the gate, he noticed that it was slightly ajar.

Good. So he didn't have to break in. Wait, no. That was bad.

Seconds later, he fell with a resounding thud on his back, from above the fence. He'd backflipped from on top of a tree. He took a 2 points of damage. But it was worth it. Plus, how bad could it get in the palace?

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Whoosh... Lysmir popped into the so-called virtual reality. The moment he appeared, he started hating everything, because everyone was happy. People around him smiled, laughed, chatted with eachother, sharing experiences and news, and this feeling was not really familiar to Lysmir. Peeking downwards, he found himself holding a simple sword in his right hand. Wearing standart clothing he stood there quite confused, as most games would give you a quest at the start, or an npc near you to begin the "journey" across the lands. Failing to find a quest, Lysmir chose to open the map. Having the layout of the town in front of him, he examined the surroundings, getting to know what is where, and so he decided to visit the leatherworker's store for some protection before heading towards that exclamation mark he caught a glimpse of at the Tailor's place.

Interaction was not one of Lysmir's good traits. In fact, in his life, Lysmir had spoken to only ten to twenty people, and even then, only a few words. People that knew him, not necessarily his friends, sometimes even wondered how he knows his language. Nearing the Leatherworker's house, Lysmir hesitated, wondered what he would say, what was the appropriate way to tell a person you want to buy a piece of armor, if that's what the leatherworker is even for.

As he stopped at the doorstep of the house build with stone and wood, he put his palm on the door, hoping to have enough courage to push it. It wasn't as much courage, that he needed, than it was desire. He was against communicating with people, since in his eyes, everyone is a scumbag thief, or a wannabe killer. He slightly pushed the door inwards, attempting to open it so he could finally enter the house, as the leatherworker instantly reffered to him.
"Ah, please, come in!" She cheerfully welcomed her new guest into the store. It didn't seem as she got much customers as of yet.

Anger suddenly got the better of Lysmir, and forced him to launch towards the leatherworker girl with the sword in his hand gripped as tightly as he possibly could. With her rammed to the wall, and the sword's blade pointed horizontally at her neck, she stood there, frozen, scared, as his upper lip continuously twitched, informing anyone that saw it of his anger. Even though killing an NPC in a town was not possible, and it was pointless to try, a threat was still quite terrifying for a woman who had not seen any violence in her life.
"My... Apologies..." Lysmir murmured under his nose, removing the sword from Milanna's throat, sheathing it under his belt, or whatever it was surrounding his waist, "Armor... Please..." He whispered a little louder for Milanna to hear, and backed away a bit, signaling the disappearance of any possible threat.
"Armor... Yeah... Sure... Chest, sandals, or both? Because that is all I have so far." Milanna explained digging through her stuff in the back of her house, in a room no one was allowed to enter. There appearently was a code protecting it from entry.
"B... Both..." Lysmir said a little louder now, hoping Milanna heard that, and hoping that the eight hundred gold he possesses is plenty for the armor. Milanna carried a leather chestpiece, and a pair of sandals from the back, and put them on the counter table.
"That will be 350 gold from you, sir." She said with a quite scared voice, as Lysmir handed her the gold, and took the items in his inventory, walking out of the house, not even saying thank you. Opening his inventory, he pressed on the armor pieces, and equipped them. It was funny how no struggle was needed to put the items on the body, they just randomly appeared on his body.
Now for the quest, Lysmir thought to himself, looking around for the Tailor's...

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Materializing was such a nauseous feeling, to Tara it felt similar to being in a pressurizing cabin of an airline flight, or perhaps maybe being spun underwater, she couldn't really decide on what best decided it other then uncomfortable and odd. Suddenly the nausea vanished, replaced with the sounds of busy conversation, a slight breeze and the warmth of sunlight. In that instance Tara realized she had her eyes fixed closed the entire and opened them to be greeted by what looked like a busy marketing square in a place that seemed to be equally huts and houses. Overwhelmed was too weak of a word to describe how she felt as she looked around in wonderment, and that's when it hit her. I didn't think i'd be this short when I set out making this... Well I guess body. If Tara had to guess, her avatar 'Neana' was three foot at best, maybe two eight at the least, giving her a new perspective on the realm of gnomes, midgets and dwarves of fantasy and sometimes life.

FOCUS! It's a game, first thing's first, a quick self-check. she reminded herself, glancing about for anything that could help with the first task of the unofficial checklist in her head. Eventually she decided the best course of action had to be to explore, as always, passing by different stands and stores down the small roads through the town until a tailor's shop stood out infront of her. Well, stood being an understatement, tower was probably the right word.

Note to self, play as an elf next time.

Neana, as she decided to go by since that's who she was right now, pushed her way into the shop's oaken door generating a ring of a bell to alert it's owner.
"Ah yes, please, come in!" a feminine voice called out from inside as she entered.
The shop itself was rather orderly, displays of pieces in one place, a mirror in another, all sorts of manners of tailoring supplies stacked in different place- Wait, mirror?
Neana zoned in on the reflective glass leaning against a wall and even though she'd already known what she had created before hitting login, it still caught her off guard that at the moment she was her own creation. Short like she'd already established, almost ivory hair done in twin pigtails, an almost child-like body although blatantly an adult by the way she carried herself and acted, what really stood out was that her eyes definitely weren't 'normal' per say, or atleast traditional, they were mostly a dimly glowing teal, with the pupils being a small white version of the same glow, they seemed to function like normal pupils.
"Excuse me, but you seem to be the adventurous type, are you not?" The same voice from earlier questioned her from behind, Neana turned and was greeted with the sight of the local tailor, "A bit here and there, nothing too special." She half-answered with a look to the side before supplying the other half, "-Bbbuut, if you've got a job that needs doing.." she intoned, giggling a bit.
The tailor couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the playfulness, "I am the tailor of this town, Jessica. Nearby the Milaheim Palace runs in complete disrepair and ruin, the undead shamble along it's corridors waiting for a master that might not return. However within the halls and chambers there are creatures that were once maids and butlers, their attire may be ruined but the fabrics used in them are from the world's most skilled craftsmen! If venture into the palace and happen to slay a few maids and butlers, i'd happily reward you for at least five scraps of their torn fabrics." Jessica offered.
It took a moment for Neana to mull over the idea of killing essentially zombies, but then again she needed somewhere to start and this seemed to be it. "I'll be back with your fabrics in no time!" Neana answered resolutely, exiting the store promptly.

It didn't take long to find an obviously out of place dark ruined castle-mansion, although the darkening sky and landscape that became gloomier as she approached was rather disheartening, even more so when she reached the gates of the ruined horror. Slightly ajar titanic rusted gate doors stood before her, flanked by crumbling walls on each side.
"Well, that solves the mystery of how to get in." She thought out loud, noting that her voice was a little higher in pitch and slightly squeaky, she almost wanted to call it adorable, almost. Shaking distracting thoughts from her head, Neana steeled her nerves and slipped through the gates.

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Upon entering the decrepit palace the first thing Neana was assaulted with was dust that littered the dark halls, wrapped around forgotten architecture and thought long lost but now ruined craftsmanship from before the Great War.
I'm already in, might as well keep going.She reasoned with herself, and kept walking down tarnished carpet till a the hall seemed to split off into other halls. Glancing down both, they appeared to look identical to the one she just entered. Yet still no sign of the 'restless defenders' that were supposedly defending the place. Not wishing to progress further for now she decided to lean against a column that marked the three halls met on and wait.

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Annabel had her doubts. She probably should be, too, what with basically wiring a machine to her brain and all. But still, with several clicks, beeps, whirs and whooshes, she set aside those doubts and entered The World... Of Milaheim.
Surprisingly, she went through it quite smoothly. She didn't feel nauseous, nor did she feel dizzy. Annabel - no, Mizuka - now stands in the center of a small, medieval - ish town.
Wait, stands?
Mizuka looked downward, gazing upon her legs, shock going through her system the moment she realized that, yes, she is standing upon her own two feet.
Whoa. I'm - I'm really standing. I really am! No wheelchair, no crutch, no support! Can I...
Mizuka took one step forward, stepping firmly on the ground.
It doesn't hurt... It doesn't hurt!
And then she took another. And another. And another. Wonder and joy filling her heart, steps became hops, hops became skips.
Soon enough, the blue-haired young woman was running all over the town, her laughter filling the air, completely oblivious to her surroundings - and the warning of a bystander:

"Hey! You! Watch out for that-"


"-tree... Are you alright, miss?"

"Owowowowow... Um, yeah... I think I am... Thanks"

"Well, uh... You better be careful. I don't think running into trees all day is good for your health"

"Yeah, I'll be. I don't think I want to do that again"

Dusting off her clothes, Mizuka stood, parted ways with the person who just helped her, and gazed at her surroundings. The town looked pleasant - everywhere she looked, she would see people talking, trading, working, gossiping, playing around - everything that happens daily in life. Everything feels very, very realistic - and this is only the beginning of the game.
Well, except that most of the people around her are now staring blankly at her. Not unusual, given that she just ran around and rammed into a tree like a cartoon animal. Still...
This place is wonderful, she thought, taking in the sights... Until she saw, on the horizon, a dark, decrepit, and ominous palace.
Ooo-kay, maybe not so wonderful. If Mirrel were here, she'd say "Just add in creepy clouds and thunderstrikes and it's perfect!".
Well, time to do what people first do in MMOs... Find something to do!

With that in mind, the blue-haired young woman began to search, with a light heart and a spring in her step.
It was only then that she noticed the HUD - status bars and the like. Most of her attention went to her own HP bar... Which was just a sliver off full.
Peachy. Must be from that tree.
She also noticed buttons such as "inventory", "party", "map", "journal"... The standard MMO fare.
That, and a huge, glowing, conspicuously colored question mark right over a building.
Which means... Event time!
Almost immediately, Mizuka took a sharp turn toward the building, stopping to regain her composure - or what passes for her composure - before knocking on the door.

"Excuse me!"

"Oh, a customer? Come in, please"

"Thanks! So... What are you selling?"

"Me? I'm Jessica, the tailor of this little town. As you can see by the stands and displays, I sell clothes... Well, okay, my stock is limited right now. Just these cloth robes and slippers"

"Oh, really? Well, that's... Um, limiting. Better than nothing, I suppose. I'm Mizuka Pearlfin, by the way! Nice to meetcha!"

"Nice to meet you too, Mizuka. Say... By the looks of your clothes and that crossbow on your back, you're an adventurer, right? Mercenary? Something like that? If so, then... Could you help me with something? I'll pay!"

"Ooh, help you with something? Something only an adventurer can do? A quest? I'm up! What do you want me to do?"

"Well, I'm glad you're willing. Have you seen that palace over there? That's Milaheim Palace. Or... At least it used to be. It's a bit of a long story, but... Well, to cut it short, it's now inhabited by its former servants and guards, undying and unliving, waiting for a master that has not returned for a long, long time"

"So... Basically, it's infested with zombies?"

"Um... I... Suppose you can call it that, yes. You see, the former butlers and maids there wore clothes made from some of the best fabrics in the entire world. Maybe torn in scraps and such, but they're still salvageable. If you can get me, say, five pieces of the fabric to work with, I'll reward you handsomely. How about it?"

"Do you need to ask? Of course I'll do it! Zombies, butlers, maids, bring it on! I'm heated up now! Heh heh heh"

"My, such energy! Alright, I'll be waiting for your return... Unless you want to buy something?"

"Sure! How much is a pair of slippers and a robe?"

"That'll be 350 gold, in total. Let me check the storage for the ones that fit your size"

"Here you go, miss Jessica! Thank you very much!"

"All right, see you. Stay safe, alright?"

-350 Gold
+Cloth robe (+1 Defense, +1 Intelligence)
+Slippers (+1 Defense)

Mizuka equipped the robes and slippers as soon as she obtained them, her appearance changing to suit her new equipment. She performed a single spin, showing off her new gear, all while enjoying the feeling of cotton on her skin. All ready and geared up, she exited the Tailor's shop, and began her walk toward the palace.
Man, I'm so excited! What's gonna happen there, I wonder?

= = = =

As the blue-haired girl stepped in front of the palace, she couldn't help but be affected by the ominous atmosphere enveloping the palace.
Yep. Add in dark clouds and thunderstorms, and it'll be perfect. Maybe some creepy music, too.
Walking ever closer, she noticed that the gate of the palace was slightly ajar, creating an opening big enough to slip into. She could feel her heart beating faster - she was somewhat nervous, but it was a good kind of nervous.
And soon enough, she entered the palace.
Inside, Mizuka marveled at the wondrous architecture - it was old, decrepit, and falling apart, but it was clear that it used to look better than any building she had ever seen.
She kept walking through the empty hallways, footsteps echoing into the darkness beyond that seemed to continue forever. It wasn't long that she met a split in the path - three paths, each practically identical to the other, branching off the main hall... And right there, by the column that marked the split, leaned a tiny little girl.
Is she lost?
...No, wait!

The little girl only seemed like a little girl. Sure she was like half as tall as her, but her eyes gave her away - the entirety of it was a glowing teal, and the pupils were simply lighter 'orbs' of the same glow.
Completely lost on how to behave, Mizuka decided to simply greet her.

"Um... Hello?"

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9Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Sun Dec 08, 2013 7:00 am

Neana eventually got lost in her own thoughts after five minutes of nothing occurred, still leaning against a weathered column in an estate that reeked with death.
Everything feels so alive, wonder what getting hit feels like?
...Probably does actually hurt, but still something to ponder.
She shifted her position slightly, her back relieving itself of awkwardly leaning where some of the column had been damaged.
Undead though! That's something to think about! I always wondered what they'd look like in person, just never felt like anything else captured them right.
Maybe I should consider kick-starting something?

As possible plans for an undiscovered goldmine of a business opportunity unfolded, the footsteps of another adventurer didn't register to her.
"Um... Hello?" Came a voice.
"Not now, i'm thinking about how to make BLLIONS!" Neana replied while starring forward.
Maybe make it a surviva- ...Wait a minute.
Her train of thought snapped, the pint-sized sorceress slowly turned her gaze upward at the blue-haired girl infront of her.
Neana jumped slightly, pressing back against the column.
"When did you get here?! How long have you been standing there?! Why did you sneak up on me?!"
After a moment of silence her little chest heaved, taking in a large breath and letting it out.
"Sorry! You just scared me is all." She said as a light blush erupted. Peeling herself off of the column, Neana stepped forward and jabbed a thumb at herself.

"My name is Neana, what's yours?"

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10Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:36 am

The little girl's startled response took Mizuka by surprise, the blue-haired woman letting out a similar shout while stepping back, almost losing her balance and falling on her rear. Almost.
Her surprise was quickly replaced with laughter, however, seeing the adorable little girl blush and apologize, stepping forward from the column she was leaning toward to introduce herself with her thumb toward her chest.
So confident! So cute! I wonder if I can hug her sometime? Probably not, heh.

"Sorry, sorry! I didn't mean to surprise you like that! It's just that you're the first person I've met ever since I entered this place!", she replied, giggling all the while.
"I'm Mizuka, by the way! Mizuka Pearlfin! So, what are you doing here? Are you a player, too? You know, what with this place said to be roaming with zombie maids", she continued, noting the difference between the little girl's - Neana's - HUD compared to the tailor, Jessica. Only pausing for a moment, she shortly continued:
"Oh, and... For the record? I got here just now"

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11Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:27 am

Faintly glowing teal eyes looked the blue haired girl bottom up for a brief moment.
That's a player? I can't really tell the difference in this HUD...
"I'm a player! Just i'm not very far into... " she gestured to the walls around them, "-this."
Sighing, her expression changed to stoic as she crossed her arms over her chest, "It's a little overwhelming I guess, I didn't expect everything to be so real! I mean it slipped by me because of excitement but.. Yeah."
Suddently Neana gasped, covering her mouth with a hand as her face portrayed surprise.
"Ohmygosh i'm so sorry! I ramble somtimes. Doesn't make sense half the time either! I uuhh, I think i'm here for a quest? Oh! Yes! Zombies in maid outfits. Are you here for dirty ruined outfits to?"

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Mizuka giggled in response, seeing the tiny girl run her eyes up-and-down in a rather confused manner.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm new here, too! In fact, I just came in, like, less than half an hour ago"
She then exhaled audibly, turning around to lean against a nearby column with a somewhat solemn expression on her face, in contrast to how cheery she was before.

"But... Yeah. This place... It's amazing. It all feels so real. The sounds, the sights, the smells, everything - even the pain", she continued, chuckling slightly in the end.
"It's so real, I'm having a hard time telling the difference between this and life. And yet... In this place, I can be so... So... So different. Different compared to what I really am"

Mizuka sighed, and for a moment one can almost see sorrow in her sea-blue eyes. In the next moment, however, she leapt up to her feet, and in the place of sorrow was vigor.

"But hey, enough of that. Don't worry, I ramble on too sometimes. It happens, really. Now then! I'm here on a quest, too! Zombie maids, zombie butlers, super-high-class clothing material! And it seems like the both of us are on the exact same quest!", She said to her little new friend, eyes gleaming with uncontainable excitement.
"You know what? Let's make a team!" she continued cheerily, her fingertips together in the so-called 'steepling' gesture.

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13Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:00 pm

Darastrix turned from the shells behind him, and looked around to get his bearings. He had no idea why he had ended up in a place such as this. He didn't even know how he knew it was Milaheim Palace. It could've been anywhere. He sighed, but he was thankful that he was not dead. He felt a strong urge to head towards one of the nearest houses and speak with the inhabitants of this place. He shrugged, as his instincts had never failed him, and he headed towards the tailor.

"Good evening, how may I he-Oh god!" he heard, as the tailor turned around to him. She looked feeble, though he had no idea what it was, but clearly it understood his language, or he understood hers.
"Excuse me, I didn't expect a.. dragon to come here." She said the last thing softly.
"No worries." he said. He didn't really understand the gender of the creature before him, but judging from the breasts, it was likely a female. "...m'lady?" he added. It seemed like the creature reacted as if that was normal, so he assumed his idea was correct.
"Are you an adventurer? You must be to travel here from your home." She asked him, and continued "If you are, I could use some help, you see, I need some Torn Fabrics from the zombies in Milaheim Palace, and I am in no shape to go up there myself. I would like five."
"I might as well have been an adventurer. I was slain on my island, and ended up here. I am uncertain of the circumstances which lead to it, but I believe I was resurrected to give me a second chance - and to aid whomever might need it. I shall gladly aid you." he said.

Suddenly, he knew where to go, and what to do. He also noticed that he had weapons which he had never seen before - a sword and a shield, though. He was also unarmored, which was sad, he thought.
Nontheless, I shall aid the supposed female with getting the fabrics. Quickly, he changed the shield into a sword, as he needed that, he assumed, and he headed for the palace, spirits high.

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For a split moment, Mara's mind went completely blank as it split into two different personalities. She could feel both of them, and control them, but at the same time it felt like being in a 3D movie. When both her real world memories, and her in game memories came back, she was now split into two different people, and decided to keep her real identity a secret for this one.
-//-From this point on I will roleplay them as completely different people.-//-
Standing in the Milaheim Town, left here for dead, Noir and Blanc were lost and confused. People here seemed quite happy, despite all the demonic beings around. It was a miracle how they fended off whoever, ir rather whatever attacked them, but they were glad they did.

"So Blanc, what now?" Noir asked, feeling winds blow through her hair. She kept looking at her almost identical twin sister with slight anger, but undying love in her eyes.
"I guess we need to get some info on where we are and what to do." Blanc said, looking around. A simple hut caught her eye, neglecting to notice the fact that it was a person's house.
"Let's go there!" She yelled, pointing at the house, and started marching towards with Noir behind her, looking for answers.

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Darastrix stopped in his tracks, as he remembered he could probably buy some armor somewhere in this town. He noticed a pouch by his side, where he knew there was 800 gold. He quickly headed for what looked like a blacksmith, and entered. The shopkeeper looked quite shocked when he entered, but quickly calmed Down when he saw that he was wielding no weapons.
"If you're lookin' fo' a blade mate, Ah wouldn't look her', y'see, I hav' no blades available." the blacksmith said in a deep voice.
"I am looking for no blade, only armor. Would you have any available?" Darastrix went straight for the bullet - no small talk here.
"Ah yes, I have Iron Plate Armor for 300 Gold, and Iron Boots for 150 Gold." the man said, almost mechanically, automated. Darastrix shrugged it off, and put 450 Gold on the table.
"I would like both, please. I do hope that it's the right size." he said as he took the items.
"Size doesn't matter, it always resizes for the user. Why don't you try taking it on here?" the blacksmith said.
"Here? If you help me don the armor, sure." Darastrix answered. He was confused by the man suggesting him equipping it here.
"Are you not an Adventurer? Surely you can open the magical equipping thing that they seem to have. They just did... this" he said, as he made a weird motion with his hand.
Darastrix looked at the blacksmith with a confused look.
"I have never seen such weird gestures. Are you sure that it is true?" he asked, but didn't wait for an answer, as he copied the motion, as a weird... menu appeared. Darastrix somehow knew how it was to be handled, as he quickly equipped his armor with it.
"Odd. I have never seen this before, and yet I know how to handle it. What is this magic, blacksmith?" he continued, as he closed the menu.
"I have no clue, but all the adventurers did this to equip armor and weapons magically. It is no doubt no holy magic placed on them by someone higher." Darastrix nodded, as he turned to leave the blacksmith's place.
"Farewell, blacksmith. I hope for you to make good sales in the future." Darastrix looked towards the Palace, and travelled towards it.
-450 Gold
+Iron Plate Armor (+2 Defense, -1 Speed)
+Iron Boots (+1 Defense, -1 Speed)

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Noir felt the wooden handle of her starting item - the simple, rusty blade, in her right hand. Swinging it into thin air, she tried to get comfortable with the feeling of a new item in her hands as they both walked towards the house in which they hoped to get directions.
"Let's go in!" Blanc said, narrowing her eyes a bit and forming somewhat of a smile on her face. Moving her black, straight hair from her left eye, she gripped the door handle of a wooden door, and felt the cold penetrate her skin.

It seemed as if bad luck followed them wherever they went - the house was locked, and no one seemed to be inside. With disappointment, she released the grip of the handle, and looked around.
"Let's try that one!" Noir pointed from way back into a house adjacent to the one they tried entering. It looked more like a shop, with a sign of a thread and a needle above the door. Nonetheless, it was as much of a chance to find any clue as to where they are as any, so they went for it.

Noir approached the door to the other house, also gripping it with her right hand, having the blade ready in case something crazy happens - yet, nothing happened, she just opened the squeaking door to find herself in a shop.
"Woah, Blanc, look - civilization!" She yelled back as she entered the store with Blanc right behind her.

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17Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:28 am

...Is this really happening?
"A.. A-ah a team? With me? I don't know what to say."
It was true that she didn't, majority of her games previously were singleplayer, and the few multiplayer games she ever did touch weren't actually full of the nicest or most socially pleasant people, infact she could still hear the yelling of what had to be atleast a kid four years younger then herself yelling about dying quite a few times in Duty Calls.
What am I doing? Just say yes! Yelled a voice within Neana's head.
"I.. Sure! Lets team up! We share and all that right? Oh nevermind that! This is going to be awesome!" Neana babbled on while circling the blue-haired warrior in a skipping manner before sprinting down one of the hallways,. She turned and yelled over her shoulder, "Better hurry up or i'm killing everything without you!" Her voiced trailed off as she rounded a corner that seemed to be there.

Fast little bugger.

= = = =

Atleast two turns later Neana ended up at a hall much larger and luchious, furniture seemed to gather on both sides of this new hall, the walls framed less damaged paintings and the various tables or finely cushioned seats seemed to be in better repair then the other halls.
Then she heard it, a low grumble at first, but growing in volume, and number for that matter from the end of the new hall, she steeled her nerves and prepared herself as the approachers became visible.

When she said finest in the land she wasn't kidding, sheesh!

Stumbling into the admittedly nicely kept hall were a duo of decaying humans, defying death and still standing but wearing what is still a beautiful outfit from a life long ago, followed up by another duo, this time both butlers who's suits though ripped and torn, still seemed worth more than anything she had on her.

The group of estate caretakers and a minature adventurer stared at eachother in an unflinching staredown

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18Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:32 am

Darastrix was soon at the Palaces fantastic gates, and he let out a whistle. "Not quite bad. It's still not quite as brilliant as Wer Rilark." He eyed the entire Palace, before entering through the front door. Easy to enter, that's good enough. I suppose I'll want to gather some fabrics. The Palace seemed to split into two wings, and had a huge staircase leading upstairs. He drew his blades, one seeming rather dull and uninteresting, while the other had a dragon marked onto it.

Darastrix thought he heard someone chatter, and he stopped up to listen. He was curious, and went the direction the sound seemed to come from.
"Anyone living here?" he shouted, in his deep voice. Even if he didn't attract any of the living, maybe, he could attract some of the dead, effectively working like a magnet to small screws.

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The twins didn't really have much friends back home, so except for their mother, everyone they really talked to was eachother. Bearing the thought of someone residing at the house, Noir entered the house. The smell of cotton and silk triggered their smelling senses, anfd drove them into the lands of thoughts about brutally murdering animals to skin them... Oh wait, that's leather...

"May I... Help you?" The lovely lady asked, staring at the twins daydreaming at the doorstep. She was at lunch break, but was in the mood to sell anything, if need be. A charming lady she was.

"Oh, right!" Noir snapped out of her dreams, looking around her with her eyes wide open and looking scared, as if she was lost. "Yeah, uhm... Me and my twin sister here, we..." She stopped. She sure was not going to say that they were going to be punished for crimes. "We're... Lost..." She muttered, looking down.

"Hmm, tell you what, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. If you guys can bring me five pieces of fabric from that palace uphill, I will tell you everyting." The lady at the table grinned in an evil manner.

"Sounds like a deal." Blanc said, and they both turned for the door. Blanc quickly turned back. "Uhh, where exactly do we get those fabrics?" She asked curiously.

"Killing undead maids and butlers." The lady said with a completely calm face, as if it was okay.

"Oh bugger." Both twins said at the same time, imitating sarcastic joy.

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The sunlight pierced through their lenses as they left the house of the tailor, picking up their first ever quest, or so they thought that it's what it was. They scouted around for anything that would look like a palace on a hill, but all they found was some ruins on a surface slightly elevated, surrounded by a half destroyed wall.

"She said undead, right? I'm not hallucinating, am I?" Noir muttered, as she stared at the ruins where they were apparently supposed to go. With mild fear in her eyes she gripped her blade a little bit tighter, and stepped forward.

"Yeah, she did.." Blanc gulped, walking foot-to-foot with her sister. Quite long ponytails stretching down from the peak of their head were tied into what looked like birds' nests, held tight with a band decorated with beautiful synthetic flowers, and dresses only covering the upmost top of their legs were all they had on them, excluding their simple leather sandals, but it was more than enough for them to look pretty. Their tails were hidden under the skirts from the people in the town, in case they start thinking of the girls as freaks of sorts.

As they left the town, and approached the ruins, they were surprised as from closer the ruins actually looked like what used to be a palace. Stained glass windows, wooden entrance doors, slightly out of their sockets showing a little bit of the inside palace. Various sounds could be heard from inside the palace, but they didn't pay much attention to it, as all their attention was now focused on one goal - getting the fabrics and leaving the creepy ruins.

Blanc gripped her crossbow, and pulled it up in front of her, as a bolt formed the exact moment she put her fingers on the trigger. She targeted the little opening in the door, in case something jumps out. Seeing her sister grip her blade with both hands, and pointing it in front of her, Blanc quickly twitched her head towards the door, indicating Noir to approach first. It was only logic that the person with the ranged gear goes behind the swordsman. Noir, swallowing the stress saliva that she had, made a gulping sound and slowly started approaching the door. The sunlight from the outside provided somewhat of an illumination inside through the cracks in the door and the opening, making it even more creepier as she pushed the door with goosebumps all over her body. With Blanc right behind her, Noir squeezed through the slightly bigger opening she made pushing the creaking door, to find herself amazed. A dark hallway with colorful light coming from the stained glass windows, and little rays of sunlight squeezing through wherever they found a crack in a wall, or a broken window. The fact that they were alone in the hallway calmed her heart.

"So where to now?" Blanc asked with a quite loud voice, which echoed throughout the hallway. She bent her knees a little as they heard a growl from around the corner.
"Idiot!" Noir whispered, "you will attract attention!" She continued whispering, slowly approaching the corner from where the growl was heard. Cautiously sliding her feet forward, she took a little peek around the corner, only to find herself knocked down by an ugly mother ******, or at least that's what was the first impression of the undead butler on top of her. Torn face with scars and wounds all over, bleeding over her as it tried to bite her, growling hysterically.

"PULSE!" Blanc yelled, pointing her crossbow at the butler that attacked her sister. She closed her eyes as she felt the energy around her gather into the bolt on the crossbow, making it glow slightly, light up the area around her. As she pressed the trigger, the bolt fired, piercing through the air and striking into the butler's ribs with great force, pushing it away from Noir before it could bite her.

A little scared, Blanc closed in on her sister and pulled her up, helping her stand up, and then pushing her towards the butler, as a sign to keep attacking it. Another bolt materialized in her crossbow in a few seconds, ready for another shot. By the time Blanc took aim, Noir had already thrusted the butler a few times.

"Stupid butler, die!" Noir yelled, pulling the blade out of it's body, "TWIST!" She yelled again, and started spinning around quite swiftly, slicing the butler's body five times, right before it got another bolt stuck, this time - in it's head, before falling down and dying like a little *****, again, what Noir thought.

20 Gold gained.
20 EXP gained.
x1 Torn Fabric.

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Mizuka clapped her hands together happily, hearing the tiny little girl agree to her proposition. Quite a lot of the people she met in other online games aren't exactly the type to stop, talk and make friends - quite a lot of them can be called 'munchkins', in fact, which stands in contrast to the person in front of her right now. She was happy.

"Great! Just let me go and make a party together and-"

...At least, until she bolted off by herself, running at a speed she didn't expect from a person so small, almost threatening to leave her behind if she didn't catch up.

"-what the- Hey! Neana! Wait for me!", Mizuka replied, herself beginning to run after her on reaction. At that moment, she could hear a deep voice shouting from where she came from:
"Anyone living here?"
Mizuka stopped, momentarily torn between two choices: chase after her newfound friend, or head back and see who said that, her head frantically turning between the two directions.
In the end - which happened about one, maybe two seconds later - Mizuka decided to continue chasing after Neana, running as hard as she can for fear of losing sight of her.
Seriously! Can't she just wait for a moment? I like balls of energy like her, but-
Well, at least I still know how to run fast...

Some twists and corridors later, the blue-haired young lady, breathing heavily, found herself in another large room, as majestic - or even more majestic - than the previous, right behind the runaway little girl who has for some reason stopped in her tracks.
*huff* *puff* ...I really need to brush up on my stamina.
...Huh? What's she doing?

That was right before Mizuka's eyes met the object of Neana's gaze: two men in butler outfits, and two women in maid outfits. Well, 'men' and 'women' being what they likely were, seeing that they now look, well, dead. And rotten. And really, really ugly. Their clothes look really good though.
Mizuka emerged from her corner, crossbow already drawn and pointing toward the four undead.

"Hey! You! Zombie quartet! Move and I'll shoot! Er, wait, I messed up. I mean, shoot and I'll move! In a flash! Hold on, that sounds even more wrong... Oh, what am I saying!"

As the four zombies began to react to her voice, growling and moaning and shambling like the zombies they are, Mizuka swiftly opened her menu, her fingers dancing on an invisible keyboard, inviting Neana into her party.
Come on, come on, party up...

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22Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:17 pm

Dusting off her dress, Noir stared at the dead undead butler slowly disappearing into thin air.
"That was astounding. We're really good at this." Noir said with a happy smile on her face, looking at the sword in her hand. She looked at Blanc with a happy face and a slight look of relief, as Blanc pointed her crossbow almost directly at her sister. Noir opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Blanc shot the bolt, slightly missing Noir, but making a sound in the back as if it stuck into flesh - another one was about to jump on Noir.
"Do they think I'm pretty?" Noir said as she turned around to find the buttler staggered. Pretty soon after the butler got back on it's feet, it went for noir again. The zombie face actually seemed to express the joy of finally being able to eat someone.
"Not today, you rotten piece of junk!" Noir yelled, thrusting the blade into it's stomach, but forgetting that it has arms and teeth. Before she could back away, the crazy zombie butler stuck his teeth into her - in the neck. It was quickly thrown off by another bolt of Pulse from Blanc, letting Noir get back to her stance.
"I need another sword!" Noir yelled, again piercing the butler's body with her blade, slicing it's guts open.
"Take that, zombie!" She yelled, kicking it back a few inches to back away.
((RPING by phone really does suck))

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23Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:49 am

Not wanting to be close to what she assumed were hungry, biting and possibly flesh ripping zombies, Neana took a few short steps backwards until she was slightly behind Mizuka.
Good going, dummy.

A white exclamation mark appeared in the corner of her vision, reaching out to it mentally it felt as if she where using some kind of odd touch-screen, a very peculiar feeling.
Mizuka Pearlfin wants to invite you to a party!
Oh, right... that.
Neana accepted the invite quickly, withdrawing a trainee's wand from her side. In retrospect, Neana could have stopped by some of the other shops to buy at the very least some cheap equipment, another moment to curse her short attention span.

The zombified servants began to make their way down the hall at a decent pace, but one of the butlers seemed to have made use of still good legs as he awkwardly shambled ahead of the others.
Come on, come on, focus! Forget the scary rotting soulless hungry look it's giving you and just hit it with something!
It was then Neana felt a sort of internal flow, as if electricity was dancing down her right arm, a quick glance proved that her forearm down every now and then her wand hand released an azure spark, which was building up rather fast. Neana went with a bit of her gut instinct and thrust the wand forward, focusing the 'stream' she felt from her core to her arm and exiting out through the wand. The effect was instantaneous as an arc of dazzling almost golden crackle of lightning slammed into the butler, causing him to stop his attempt at sprinting at the newly partied questers.
The butler moved at a much slower rate now, the extent of Neana's magical attack now showing as his chest seemed to give off a dim gold glow.

"Wait, did I just?.. YES! I can do magic! Did ya see that?! Just zap! And he stopped!" Exclaimed a now very excited and grinning tiny master of spells.

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He tightened his grip on his swords, as he noticed a zombie crawling towards him.
I Wonder how many other places the Undead walk? he thought, as he dashed towards the zombie, and cut the arm heading towards his face. "Tad bit aggresive, aren't we?" with one sword still stuck in the zombies arm, he closed even further in, stabbed the zombie in the flesh by the chin. He quickly withdrew his sword. Kicked the zombie in the stomach, and used the impact to jump backwards. As he had thought, the zombie had used the time to bite his arm. The plate armor had blocked most of it, but he still felt it. "You're not messing around, huh?" he grinned, "I thought I wouldn't get a challenge out of you."

((editing this post with more later, need to go back to my house))

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25Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Sat Dec 14, 2013 2:54 pm

"Die, you numbskull!" Noir yelled as she launched another attack at the zombie, piercing it's throat with her blade. The zombie butler growled with a sound of blood in it's throat, as it tried to get a grip of Noir. She ducked pulling out her blade, and left an opening for Blanc to shoot from further away.
"Pulse!" A voice came from behind Noir, as another glowing bolt pierced the zombie's head, making it fall to the ground in pain, and die.
"That will teach you how to bite me, you buttwipe." Noir kicked it as it disappeared into thin air.
"That's two out of five." Blanc said watching Noir pick up the piece of fabric the monster dropped.
20 Gold
15 EXP
x1 Torn Fabric
Darkness surrounded them once more as they plopped their butts down on the cold brick floor. Blanc swiped through the air, clicking virtual buttons, and opened their inventory.
"Hey, why don't you use this potion?" Blanc offered, clicking on the potion icon as it appeared in her hand to give to Noir, "I mean, your neck seems to be bleeding." She continued.
"Nu-uh, it's fine, it'll heal up in time." Noir replied to her sister's offer. It was true that wounds here healed much quicker than those in real life, and that a critical wound could heal up in a day if it doesn't touch any vital organs or contain heavy <Bleeding>. Even if half of Noir's HP was down, she was still able to talk, and walk, and do everything. Their HP was also split in half during character creation, that's why they take more damage than anyone else would.
"Just drink it, you idiot, you'll feel better." Blanc insisted, with a little bit of resentment in her voice.
"No, I won't. I can heal up normally, let's keep that potion for later, when we actually need it." Noir replied with a louder voice now, symbolizing anger towards her sister.
"Wait, where'd we get this gold?" Blanc wondered loudly, as she noticed the eight hundred gold that was in their inventory even before they started killing those monsters. Then it popped into her head that they looted the dead guards on the carriage when the monsters killed them all. "Oh, right, nevermind." she said before Noir could even answer her question.

In the distance down the hallway, the sisters noticed a butler zombie, and a maid come from around the corner, and stop there. "They haven't noticed us yet, we can use that." Noir whispered to her sister's ear with a grin, "Do a pulse attack on the girl zombie maid thing." She continued, having thought of what seemed like a perfect plan. They both stood up, readying their weapons. Blanc took aim at the girl zombie, and started charging the Pulse attack. The monsters then noticed them, and started moving towards the twins foot-to-foot. Blanc shot at the girl zombie, piercing her shoulder and staggering her, and Noir used it to her advantage to attack the butler guy. Stabbing it in the chest she yelled "TWIST!" and started spinning while the blade was still in the zombie, slicing half of it's body through, and hitting it six more times before backing away a little bit.
"Like that, you bastard?!" She yelled, as she noticed the girl zombie moving again. "This might've been a bad idea!" She yelled again, backing away from the zombies.
"Oh yeah?" Blanc asked retorcally, charging another Pulse attack towards the zombie butler to hopefully kill it.

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