This is the second run, and the one that will stay, of Milaheim Online, with much improvement and new additions. :)

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Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5]

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26Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] - Page 2 Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:45 pm

Party request accepted.
"Yes!", Mizuka exclaimed happily as she heard a virtual 'ding!', a small pop-up at the corner of her sight notifying her of Neana's agreement.
She then turned her gaze to the four undead - rotting vestiges of their former selves, moving toward the two adventurers as fast as their broken legs can carry them.
One of them - one of the two butlers - apparently still had decently functioning legs, charging forward much faster than the other three, moaning disturbingly.

"Wait, no no no no no!", she shouted in surprise, not expecting the undead to close in that quickly, fumbling with her crossbow as she attempted to regain composure from the panic.
As she finally managed to correct her aim at the undead butler, she was surprised yet again by her ally. Neana, standing in front of her, suddenly launched an arc of golden lightning, striking the undead butler square in his chest and stopping him in his tracks. It was powerful. And... Quite beautiful. For a moment there, Mizuka held her breath, looking at the scene in front of her with awe.

"Wait, did I just?.. YES! I can do magic! Did ya see that?! Just zap! And he stopped!", the tiny girl said happily, grinning in cheer.

"Yeah! That was totally awesome!", the blue-haired young lady replied, lifting up her crossbow to her shoulder.
"Well now, I gotta show what I got, right?"
She glanced to her sides, seeing the other three undead move toward them, hungering for flesh and blood.
"Here goes!"
A crossbow bolt suddenly appearing on her weapon, Mizuka took aim toward one of the charging undead maids, quickly and firmly, and pulled the trigger.
With a noticeable tchak sound, the bolt flew, impaling itself right on the former maid's skull with a subtle crack.
The maid fell down instantly, groaning, seriously damaged but still moving.
Ugh, Mizuka thought, a grimace on her face. As much as she knew the world she is currently in is a game, the extremely realistic image of a person getting a pointy piece of wood stuck in their brain is, to say the least, rather disturbing.
As she was distracted by her own thoughts, however, the other undead butler pounced at her, howling incoherently as he approached dangerously quickly.
Alerted by the sound, Mizuka turned on her left foot, and - luckily - managed to knock him off - course with a solid slam of her right, sending him rolling on the faded marbled floor.
That... Was way too close for comfort.
Quickly, she reloaded her crossbow, stepping back a few steps to stay at a safe range...

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27Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] - Page 2 Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:38 pm

As she meekly stepped away from the advancing undead, Mizuka couldn't help but notice just how incredibly nervous she is. Sure, it's her first day of VR, ever. Still, she thought that being nervous enough to hear her own heart pounding and to have cold sweat all over her body is a bit much. She breathed in deep, trying to regain composure.

Okay, Annabel, calm down. This is only a game - no matter how amazingly realistic it is - and these guys are just level 1 fodder enemies, so they won't be much of a problem. Just stay calm, and you'll get through this. Just stay calm, and ignore the fact that the level 1 fodder enemies in front of you look like something from a horror movie gone horribly right.

Glancing to her sides, the young woman watched closely as her foes crept ever closer.
And with a warning howl, an undead maid to her left attacked.
On reaction, Mizuka lifted her crossbow, aimed at the advancing zombie, and fired.
The bolt embedded itself firmly in the zombie's neck, and yet failed to fully halt its advance as it then rushed toward the blue-haired girl even faster than before.
Surprised and unprepared, Mizuka screamed in shock and pain as the undead maid tackled her down to the ground, sinking its teeth into her shoulder.

"Gyah! Aah! Get... Off... Me!", the ranger shouted as she struggled to shove the former maid away from her. Succeeding, part of her flesh painfully ripped out in the process, she aimed her crossbow with her uninjured arm, and shot another bolt in point-blank range.

The zombie went limp, completely.

+15 Gold
+15 EXP
+1 Torn Fabric

Seeing as the threat in front of her has stopped being a threat, Mizuka almost sighed a breath of relief...
When one of the undead butlers pounced on her downed figure, rather literally sitting right on top of her as it tried to claw and bite the blue-haired ranger, its target herself struggling to keep the thing's putrid nails and teeth away from her skin.
She saw another one of the undead closing in on her from the corner of her gaze, and she knew she would have to get this thing off her before long.

"Um... Hey! I could use some help over here!", she shouted to her friend, herself trying to muster the strength to break free in case the party member is also preoccupied with something.

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28Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] - Page 2 Empty Re: Milaheim Palace [Levels 1-5] on Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:59 am

"Um... Hey! I could use some help overhere!" Called out a voice, slightly startling Neana as she edited some settings. Closing the menus she saw the scene unfolding before her, Mizuka having trouble with a butler that was attempting to bite and claw at her while another tried to gang up on the already struggling ranger!
Berating herself would come later, now was the time to act! Gathering up her energy, Neana directed another arc of golden lightning, striking at the side of the butler assaulting Mizuka, followed by another fellow arc that struck on the top of his head. The two bolts caused the zombified attendant to seize upand fall limp.

+15 Gold
+15 EXP
+1 Torn Fabric

"Hey! Come on get up! Sorry about the blanking out but no time!" The little one hurriedly shouted back.
Gonna regret this
Neana ran forward, placing herself in what little distance was left between Mizuka and the rest of the undead.
"Your entire staff is made up of low peasantry!" Neana shouted at the unliving in a bad shakespearian accent, trying to taunt them. As bad as the taunt was, it did have the desired effect! Now they were after her, which she'd assume she'd regret later as her feet moved diagonally, directing the maids in the back and the lead butler toward herself. Satisfied that she hadn't left Mizuka too exposed or left herself too close to the enemy, she stopped and peered to the side of the butler that now blocked her view.

One of the maids joined the  butler infront of Neana, both of them starting to rush forward for a lunge with their rotten nails and even more rotten teeth! A quick cast of her spirit shock ruined that plan quickly though, its discharge impacting one of the butler's legs locking it up as the energy traveled up through the limb and into it's very core. Not really able to control said leg, the butler simply fell forward, tripping the maid and taking her with him on an all expensive trip to the ground.

A not too dissimilar shock hit the butler after collapsing, causing it to spas m momentarily
before laying still.

+15 Gold
+14 EXP
+1 Torn Fabric

That's both the butlers down atleast. Thought Neana, a small smirk forming as she readied her wand for more spell flinging

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==========ஐ Consider all above this post other then the OP to be irrelevant ஐ================

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