This is the second run, and the one that will stay, of Milaheim Online, with much improvement and new additions. :)

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A little bit of background for the game.

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Milaheim... A one peaceful and beautiful land, inhabited by both humans and animals, living peacefully, only waging wars against themselves, be it territory purposes or wealth. At least, that's how it was, until one day...

King Mauricius, being the one mostly obsessed with power, did not suffice his needs with just control over a massive kingdom. He needed more, he needed power, he needed control. Signing a peace treaty with Garlfah's king Falmren, he secretly planned an attack when he would least expect it. Gathering an army of five thousand armored men, equipped with swords, spears and arrows, Mauricius waged war against Falmren and Garlfah Kingdom itself.

Being the smart person Falmren was, he had anticipated an attack from Mauricius, knowing him by blood. Falmren knew that his brother would launch an attack in order to gain more control, and so he prepared his own army. Defending himself against the threat of Mauricius, he attacked him afterwards. Waging war against his own brother, Falmren did not hope to take control of Milaheim. He just wanted to show his brother what he had done.

As he lost his power, Mauricius fled. Leaving his people behind, being destroyed by war, Mauricius fled as far as he possibly could. As he came across the Altaria Mountains, he met three beautiful ladies, that offered him salvation, offered him power.

Mauricius saw an opporitunity to kill his brother and occupy his kingdom once and for all, and decided to accept the ladies' offer. Only after a sacred ritual has been performed, Mauricius found out that they were Demon Witches, and had sacrificed his soul in order to bring death and destruction upon everything living. That was when the bad things started happening.

Getting incredible power, Mauricius came back to his kingdom, and took control over it once more. Realizing, that the world had been plunged into darkness by releasing monstrous creatures all around the world, he decided to control them all. He wanted power over everything. Announcing his control over all the world's races, monsters and everything else, he declared himself the King of the World.

After the declaration, he vanished. He disappeared without a trace, leaving his undead guards and citizens behind in his palace. These foul creatures now guard the palace, waiting for their master's return, and to once again get control over the world...

This is where your story begins...

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