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Aecor's Application

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1Aecor's Application Empty Aecor's Application on Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:20 am


Full name: Aecor Astutia
Age: 16
Race: Druid. We are a calm, wise and respectful race from the great northern forests. The Druids live at one with nature and have an unparalleled understanding of how to use natural resources.
Class: (Vaguely) Magic
Title: Woodworker
Weapon type: Staff
Armor type: Cloth
Profession: Woodworker

1 Strength +5 (-4)
5 Speed +5
8 Cunning +5 (+1)[+2]
3 Agility +5 (-2)
4 Accuracy +5 (-1)
7 Intelligence +5 (+2)
10 Wisdom +5 (+2)[+3]
2 Defense+5 (-3)
0 Speech 0

Nature's Touch (Passive): You have an innate ability for manipulating botanic life. All tools and weapons you craft out of a botanic material receive a slight boost to all stats and a major boost to durability.
Collective Spirit (Active): A wave of calm emanates out from you, temporarily pacifying the enemy and increasing the accuracy of allies.

Left Hand (Weapon):
Trainee Wand (+1 Intelligence)
Right Hand (Weapon):

---Starting Inventory---
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Appearance: Aecor is a typical young northern druid. He is fairly tall at just under 2 metres and has a slim frame. His hair is fairly long and is light blond with a slight green tint. He is dressed in a typical druidal robe of blue and green, slightly iridescent cloth. Like all druids, his eyes are of a soft, grey shade and his skin is pale.
Personality: Aecor is generally fairly quiet and has an almost overwhelming sense of calm around him, which often irritates other people. Aecor is not a particularly down to earth person, so obsessed with the bigger picture that he often neglects his personal life. He isn't unfriendly as such, but also isn't as warm as most people. Aecor isn't particularly interested in combat but is a craftsperson at heart, and is destined to be a woodworker.
Back story (Real world): Aecor lives in a very supportive and friendly family in the suburbs of a large British city. Aecor used to be obsessed with strategy and simulation video games but started to lose interest as he grew up and as his studies began to take over his life. However, it has always been his dream to experience a parallel reality and Milaheim looked very interesting. Convinced by a friend, Aecor bought the Nerve Helmet and is, slightly skeptically, planning to try it out.
Reason I want to join this RP: I was really inspired by SAO S1 (Series 2 was absolutely dreadful) and I've also been looking for a proper roleplay for a while now. This looks absolutely perfect and I can tell that whoever is behind this forum has put an awful lot of thought and time into it.
Proof that I read the post: I'm not really sure how to prove I read the entire post. It took you 3 and a half days to write the entire thing though, according to the times of posting.

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2Aecor's Application Empty Re: Aecor's Application on Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:21 am

Alright, I cannot wait to see your application! If any questions come up, feel free to ask!

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3Aecor's Application Empty Re: Aecor's Application on Fri Nov 22, 2013 2:43 pm

Well, the good news is, you're accepted. Smile

The bad news though, is that you put "Druid" as your race, and I think it should be a class? :? And you put Woodworker in the title, which should have probably been the "Druid" if I understand correctly. :?

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