This is the second run, and the one that will stay, of Milaheim Online, with much improvement and new additions. :)

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Noir and Blanc - Twins

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1Noir and Blanc - Twins Empty Noir and Blanc - Twins on Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:51 pm

Full name: Noir and Blanc Guillory
Age: 17
Gender: Females
Race (Be creative): Demonkin - Seemingly ordinary human, bearing a tail with an ace of spades at the tip.
Class: Mixed.
Title: Twins - Twin girls, one equipped witha double swords, and the other with a long, wide range musket (Made upon reaching the crafting level)
Personality: Carefree, cheerful girls constantly arguing with eachother over practically everything. Their most common argument is usually over their fighting styles - one prefers swords, the other - guns.
Back story (In-game): Coming from a land far north, these little fellows have been transported with a carriage to Maunrich, a town way south, popular for their weapon manufacture. Interested in the arts of combat, these little twins Noir and Blanc had stolen some weapons from the local weaponsmith and hid them in the attic. That was the first time they held weapons in their hands, and fell in love with them. Noir used twin swords, and Blanc fell in love with a really old and rusty musket. After they were caught with the unauthorized weapons, they were supposed to be transported to the Milaheim Palace to face the decision of the church on what to do with these children.
When they've arrived at the place, it was as it is now - engulfed in chaos and death, and they were set free upon the death of all the guards that were with them. Carrying simple weapons they found lying around, they are starting their quest.
Starting Skills:

Sister Bond (Passive): Sister Bond makes Strength and Accuracy stats unavailable for tweaking, and makes a new stat - Bonding, which acts for both Strength and Accuracy. For every 1 point in Bonding, 1 point is added for Noir in Strength, for melee damage, and 1 point is added into Accuracy for Blanc for ranged damage. This does not include equipment or skill stats.

In addition to this, Sister Bond also splits their damage in half for balance purposes, and makes every ability different for both Noir and Blanc.

Twist & Pulse (Active):

Twist (Noir) - Spreads her weapons into sides, and spins around several times, dealing repeated damage to one enemy equal to 102% normal damage (5-8 times)

Pulse (Blanc) - Shoots a projectile out of her weapon (Any at first, musket after making one), dealing 110% normal damage, and staggering her opponent.

Weapon type (Mace, Sword, Staff, Spear, etc): Musket and Twin Swords
Armor type (Cloth, Leather or Plate): Leather
Stats: (Use stats correspondant to your class, and add five points where ever you wish)
Strength +5
Speed +5
Cunning +5
Agility +5
Accuracy +5
Intelligence +5
Wisdom +5
Defense +5 (+1)
Speech 0
Sister Bond 0 (+4)

Pick one of the following weapons:
Left Hand (Weapon):
Trainee Blade (+1 Strength)
Right Hand (Weapon):
Both Hands:
Trainee Crossbow (+1 Accuracy; +1 Agility)
Starting Inventory
800 Gold.
4 Healing potions.
Appearance (Picture or describtion): Noir and Blanc - Twins Anime_twins_fav4
Reason you want to join this RP: Well, because it caught my interest, probably like everyone else here.
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative): Well, I made my app, didn't I?

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2Noir and Blanc - Twins Empty Re: Noir and Blanc - Twins on Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:04 pm

Playing multiple characters? I'm sure that'll bring lively action to the posts.
Good luck with that, accepted. Wink

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