This is the second run, and the one that will stay, of Milaheim Online, with much improvement and new additions. :)

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1Dragoncation Empty Dragoncation on Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:27 pm

Full name: Eric Holmes
IGN: Darastrix
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Red Wyrmling (Basically humanoid dragons, except not really big)
Title: The Dragon Bulwark
Personality: Eric tends to stay to himself. He will not reveal his closest secrets to even his bestest of friends.
Back story (In-Game):Darastrix was born on a little island in the north-western Milaheim. Here, his father trained him in the Dragon Soul combat style - using swords and shields, switching between them instantly. Red Wyrmlings are not named before the reach Age, but as Darastrix reached the age of 16, he was to choose one; and he chose the one closest to his ancestors - Darastrix is from the Dragon Tongue, and it means simply that - Dragon. Soon after, Darastrix was struck down in combat, and died. But as he saw the man stab him, he soon opened his eyes to see he was in a place he hadn't seen - but he knew it was Milaheim Palace. Behind him were egg shells as if he had been reborn.
Weapon type (Mace, Sword, Staff, Spear, etc): Sword/Shield
Armor type (Cloth, Leather or Plate): Plate
Stats: (Use stats correspondant to your class, and add five points where ever you wish)
6 Strength +5 [+1]
5 Speed +5
5 Cunning +5
5 Agility +5
5 Accuracy +5
5 Intelligence +5
6 Wisdom +5 [+1]
8 Defense +5 [+3]
0 Speech 0
Starting Skills:
Dual Soul Style [PASSIVE]: You can use shields as weapons. In addition, you can dual-wield shields. You can also freely transform your swords into shields, and shields into swords, which affects your skills.

Sunder/Complete Defense [ACTIVE]

Sunder (Sword Style): You hit an enemy for 50% damage, and apply Sunder. Sunder gives the target -5% Defense, and generates more Hate.

Complete Defense(Shield Style): You raise your shields, blocking the next attack. In addition, you get +5% Defense for (Defense) seconds.

Pick one of the following weapons:
Left Hand (Weapon):
Trainee Blade (+1 Strength)
Right Hand (Weapon):
Trainee Buckler (+1 Defense)
Starting Inventory
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Dragoncation Dragonborn_Fighter
Reason you want to join this RP:I want to be Heroic.
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative):I am quite Heroic.

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2Dragoncation Empty Re: Dragoncation on Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:33 pm

Agenor wrote:Might aswell just accept myself, eh?

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3Dragoncation Empty Re: Dragoncation on Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:33 pm

Heroic wrote:
Agenor wrote:Might aswell just accept myself, eh?
Much agreement!

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