This is the second run, and the one that will stay, of Milaheim Online, with much improvement and new additions. :)

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Radikiths Application

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1Radikiths Application Empty Radikiths Application on Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:11 pm



Full Name: Aron Drakiith
IGN: Radikith
Age: 20
Race (Be creative): Robotoid
Class: Ranged
Title: Mechnomancer
Weapon type: Milatech
Armor type: Robotoid
3 Strength +5 (-2)      
7 Speed +5 (+2)          
11 Cunning +5 (+1)[+4]<+1> 
8 Agility +5 (+2){+1}      
8 Accuracy +5 (+2){+1}      
2 Intelligence +5 (-3)  
2 Wisdom +5 (-3)        
6 Defense +5 (-1)[+1]<+1>    
0 Speech 0                
Robotoid (Passive): Robotoids are known for their sturdy casing, and their inability to fit Body Armor over their shells. You lose the ability to wear body armor, however, you gain half your level (rounded up) in defense, and half of that (rounded up) as Cunning.

Magic Missile (Active): You shoot a missile from your back, homing onto your targeted enemy, dealing extra damage based on your Cunning. (Requires Robotoid)
Left Hand (Weapon):
Trainee Crossbow (+1 Accuracy; +1 Agility)
Right Hand (Weapon):
Robotoid Casing (+1 Defense, +1 Cunning)
---Starting Inventory---
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Radikiths Application Monster_Maverick_Type_A
Personality: Aron is a relatively carefree, and seems above most of the worlds problems, though he does care about his friends, whom he defends in most cases, unless they earned their beatings themselves, as that would likely be their own fault.
Back story (Real world): Aron lives in a normal family, not too rich, and not too poor. His parents supported most of his decisions in life, but they disaproved of him playing many video games, even though they knew they lived in a time of technology. He didn't care much for it, as his best friends from school played various MMOs, and he always wanted to play with them. When he tried VR for the first time, he was extremely excited, as he had always wished for it.
Reason you want to join this RP: It seems like a cool roleplay, where the admins have taken a lot of time to make the "game"
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative): Explanations about the game, explaining skills, of which you can have two of from the beginning, one active and one passive.

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Welcome to Milaheim Online. ^^

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