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Application: Travis Wolfpaw

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1Application: Travis Wolfpaw Empty Application: Travis Wolfpaw on Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:50 pm

Full name: Travis Wolfpaw
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Melee
Title: Koveil's Claw Ascended

Personality: Travis is proud, and likes to keep his emotions to himself. He is very uncertain of other players, though he'll try to talk to them if possible. He has a hard time making friends, but the friends he has he'll protect.

Backstory WOT:
Travis grew up in a village on the southern part of Eastyn Island. When he was ten, he worked as a farmhand for a big farm - a big honor, at the time.
He found it too tedious though, and at the age of 14 decided to wander off. Most of the little village went out to look for him, as he was good help, though they did not like the forest to the north of their small village, and Travis fled into this forest.
In there he stumbled into a small hut, where an old man resided, though he wasn't human. One thing led to another, and Travis lived with the man for a few years, where he taught Travis clawed-martial arts. Travis had no claws however, so he got a leather glove with iron tips, should he be without a weapon.
At the day he turned 17, the old man told Travis to return to his hometown, as there was nothing more he could do, and he would soon die. Travis reluctantly agreed to this, and returned, though where his village once was, there was now nothing, the village burned down long ago, as not even ash was left.
As he grieved, a spirit came to his side and told him to not cry, as he was needed elsewhere. He was going to question the spirit, but as he turned, he was no longer on Eastlyn, instead he was in a white hall, where a Goddess sat upon a throne. "You have elsewhere to be, Travis." she said, "I'll expect you find it quite fun."
Travis was going to question the Goddess, but as he blinked, he was no longer there. He was in an unknown location. And he had forgotten everything but his name and age, though his muscles had never forgotten the combat style of the old man.
Weapon type: Fist Weapons
Armor type: Light
Damage Stat: Agility
A1 (5) Strength A1
B5 (6) Speed A1 [+1]
A1 (5) Cunning A1
B2 (9) Agility A1 [+3] <+1>
A1 (5) Accuracy A1
A1 (5) Intelligence A1
A1 (5) Wisdom A1
B4 (7) Defense A1 [+1] <+1>
A5 (1) Speech A5
Starting Skills: Create one passive and one active skill.

(PASSIVE) wrote: Application: Travis Wolfpaw WSn0Y0OMask of Lies: This character holds a dark secret. This character's title is forced to "Ascended". This character is unable to see other characters' names, unless told. This character gains keen vision and hearing, and night-vision. This character is always under the effect [Ascended].
(ACTIVE) wrote: Application: Travis Wolfpaw JjuJf64 Anchor Fist: Travis hits an enemy, and taunts it, forcing it to attack Travis for [DEF] seconds. Travis has increased dodge rate against this enemy for the duration of the effect.

Left Hand (Weapon):
Application: Travis Wolfpaw Lvo8zE9 Trainee Claw (+1 Agility)
Right Hand (Weapon):
Application: Travis Wolfpaw Lvo8zE9 Trainee Claw (+1 Defense)
Starting Inventory
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Appearance (Picture or description): See Avatar
Reason you want to join this RP: To play obviously
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative): I looked through it all heroicly

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2Application: Travis Wolfpaw Empty Re: Application: Travis Wolfpaw on Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:53 pm

I guess you pass as accepted. Welcome. XD

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